it is good

I have written endlessly, that I find it hard to leave the living room window during the winter… My fear of “missing something” overrides the need to complete chores. In the summer, we are never in the house… My data usage for the lap top went from 10.6 gb in April to 2 gb. last month..   It’s not that I am more productive it’s just that I am outside staring at the ocean rather than inside….                    .dec 31 003

The weather has been outstanding.. days upon days of clear sunshine and nothing but heat predicted in the near future.. As I sit here on the back deck watching the evening water, it is calm with a slow breeze..

The dry weather is lovely for us but seriously dangerous for the forests. One of our sons is a wildfire fighter and is on red stand by .. which means he has to be within five minutes of the helicopter. They work in rap attack teams of three and are flown into remote locations to put out spot fires started by lightning…. He can’t come to visit us as he will be on standby most of the rest of the summer.

Another real problem with this heat is that we are running very low on water… We lost 450 gallons due to stupidity in the spring (mistake), the garden is missing those gallons now. I only have water for the tomatoes.. Flowers and basil come second.. Two azaleas are dead and another is on its last branches… We are going to have to get another water tank

1800 gallons of water

1800 gallons of water

in the future if I am going to be planting flowers which I have no business growing here with limited water reserves.

Tomorrow is the island AGM,  The islanders will first gather at the fire hall for a pot luck lunch and a swap and shop. After lunch there will be a brief business meeting…  There is a  fundraising raffle for the fire hall. The grand prize afghan to be won is gorgeous.. I really really want to win ….The women here are soooo talented…. I have a spot on our bedroom wall all picked out for it. Fingers crossed .     raffle 2014

Our daughter is here with us for a few days and our middle son is coming at the end of the month. She and E are playing crib beside me with complete silence surrounding us… The water is flat calm, the sun is setting and there are no bugs!!!

It is good




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