Me and Him

It is not original at all for me to say that I am writing this blog to record our progress with a new adventure. It seems there are a lot of people out there beginning new lives and we aren’t doing anything original at all. But we are beginning a new adventure and I do want to record our progress. I mention the costs for your information but also as a means of record. Simple things like the cost of gas (143.7) is interesting when I read my old journals.

I began keeping a journal in 1999. I do refer to the journals often to remember details of particular events and see how far we have come since E’s surgery. I find it rewarding to read about the good times and therapeutic to read about the issues we have resolved. To be cliché, we try not to sweat the small stuff, and since 1999 it is all small stuff. When I lose my way, nothing grounds me like rereading the entry for March 22, 2000.  There is more about E’s heart transplant on another page.

This blog is a record of our new life on an island.

We are moved April 25th. 2-12 to a 900 square foot house on an island. The house, a studio and veggie garden sit on 2.5 acres. There is no electricity. We have a well, solar panels and a diesel generator. Our fridge. stove and on demand hot water heater are propane. Most of the fifty or so cabins on the island are only occupied in the summer. There are about twenty people who live on the island full-time but more are arriving every year.

Our three kids have finished University and were quite ready for us to leave the nest. We expect to one day turn the studio into a guest room and in addition to ten weeks at Papas house, there will is lots of room for family and friends to visit. My Mom is ninety-five and still living in her own home. This blog keeps her up to date on our goings on.

E has been given the green light by his Doctors and encouraged to get out and live the life he has been given. So we have decided to live our dream.

Any mistakes written here are mine and I consider them artistic license.

Thank you for reading


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