How we came to be here

Our in-laws lent us their sailboat  for our honeymoon in 1982. The month before our wedding Papa took E and I over to the Island for the weekend to review the intricacies of sailing through the Pass and into the Cove.

It was a great weekend and my first visit to the Island.  When we returned on our honeymoon we spent one night in the Cove and another in their Bay.The next year they lent us the sailboat for a week in June and we spent the whole time anchored in their Bay..

In the entire week we didn’t see a soul..

We dreamed in those days of a time when we could retire to an island like this….

Papa and Guy (Grandma) built a beautiful home and retired to the island in 1989.

Guy passed away suddenly but Papa stayed on the island full-time.

Only power from a generator and water from a well, but he was happy.

Our family vacations are filled with memories of the island and the times shared there with Papa.

Traditions of raft building, log sailing and Bocci games continue today.

The Grandparents are gone now, and their ashes scattered off the point they loved but the children and grandchildren are determined to maintain the property and treasure their legacy.

Now it is our time to retire. Me and E have our health issues and know like too many others that time can’t be wasted. We have purchased our own property on the island and will celebrate our wedding anniversary there this summer thirty years after our first trip with Papa.

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