very little roaring

We checked the beaver camera this morning and only another deer was caught at the pond. We will leave it a couple more days and then bring it back to our garden. Perhaps Hudson has given up and JN won. We took the garbage and recycling to the boat and filled it with gas ready for our trip to town on Wednesday.. Easier to load the boat a day or so in advance when you aren’t in your fancy city clothes jeans.

Puttered in the garden for a while. But at one I headed to the perch.. just in case.. The giant pod of sea lions went by again, just like yesterday. I have uploaded a video of the (parade) but I know you are probably sick of sea lion videos.. Watch it if you have nothing else to do if for no other reason to see that I am not exaggerating.

A parade of sea lions continued for the better part of the afternoon.. I don’t know if they are the same ones every day swimming back and forth or just a giant migration south…                  April 7 025

I spent most of the rest of the day out on the perch until darkness forced me inside. Between the otters, sea lions, seals, hummingbirds and hovercraft, I had plenty of subjects to photograph.

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E wasn’t feeling perfect today so took it easy. We didn’t have the greatest sleep as the sea lions kept us awake all night with their huffing and puffing and barking and woofing… they should be called sea dogs, there was

very little roaring


makes me cry

I don’t cry anywhere near as easily as I used to do.  Watching old family videos are disturbing to see how often I cried during events which were supposed to happy.. There are videos of me toasting E for his birthday and I am an embarrassingly emotional fool… Weird to think that happy pills made me cry all the time.. Maybe I wasn’t taking enough!!  🙂

When my eldest opened his fifth Christmas stocking he exclaimed with each wrapped gift “a car! “another car!” “another car!!” One of his presents under the tree was a race track. His excitement over the fifth car was as intense as for his first…. When we took our second son at 5 years of age to Disneyland and we hit California he exclaimed “a palm tree”. “another palm tree! ” another palm tree !!”

I have the same excitement as a five-year old here with the sea-lion activity..

We had taken the family boat to Nanaimo to have the hull scraped and painted. To take it to the Marina, E drove it up to the Marina on the water through the Narrows and I met him with the car in town to drive back to BH. We returned to the island on the TinMan. I wanted to go with him today on the water to pick it up, to see the sea life and also just for fun. KY drove us by car to the Marina on the island and E and I brought the family boat down through the Narrows together.

We had so much fun… The sea lions were surfing on the tide and playing in the whirl pools. We went back and forth through the Narrows a couple of times. We had the same problems as with the spawn the other day. I didn’t know where to look with the camera. If I was shooting in front of me they would be jumping behind me… We had just so much fun watching them play… E thinks he would like to come back as an otter in his next life because they seem to have the most fun but after seeing the sea lions surfing today I would disagree.

I have uploaded the video of the  (herring) spawn from two days ago.  I have now also uploaded a video of the (sea lions). I apologise for both. In my defence I am only using one arm and am on a swirling boat. I don’t know if it is the music I chose or the sea lions but todays video I admit

makes me cry

april 4 dodd narrows 113

Herring brings the Surf Scoters

was pretty perfect

Sitting at the end of the day with a chance to catch my breath and try to put our day into words.. It sounds as though I repeat myself when I claim that today was the best day here yet. But it was about as awesome as they come. You have to read this understanding that as I type the window is open and the sea lions are beneath it by the hundreds… breathing, barking and splashing…

We started early in the morning working in the garden. E is rebuilding the cold frame with the windows from J&S… I continued to weed. But DY called and needed help.. E went with him to BH to get their old motor and bring it to the island. On the way back they wandered up to the Narrows. While the Y’s were sailing through the Narrows yesterday there were a lot of indicators of an impending  herring spawn. E agreed as last night we had no sleep. The sea lions were en masse beneath our window and they were very excited about something…

At the Narrows they discovered the herring had spawned. The waters were white.

April 2 066       There were hundreds of gulls, eagles and sea lions… Realizing that their lives would be in jeopardy if they didn’t call K and I… They called us.. K and I packed up some beer, wine, and food and met them at PC. We went through False Narrows and down through Dodd… Swinging around Mudge you could see it all happening.

The waters were white and alive with hundreds of sea lions … the skies and trees were filled with eagles. The juvenile eagles almost impossible to discern as they stood on the sandstone by the water’s edge. To see all of the pictures click on Gallery  and to see the video click here…   Herring

We floated through them, trying to take perfect pictures. It was difficult to know where to look.. There were sea lions all around us and it proved almost impossible to have the camera trained at the right spot… There was just so much happening at once… There was one other boat, a native fishery. They were harvesting the roe.. There was no one else to be seen.. The herring was spawning and we were the only witnesses… We stopped for lunch at a bay on Mudge.. We were surrounded by herring gulls feeding on the fish at the top of the water…. hundreds and hundreds of gulls with fish hanging out of their mouths as they flew over the boat….

The trees on Link were covered in Eagles… They and the sea lions seemed to have had their fill for the moment and were taking a break as they rested in the sun…. The coloured water ended half way down Link… Our only hope is that it continues down to our island. The Bay at SoHo would be very convenient….. Beneath our house would be pretty special too.  We can only hope for more tomorrow but for today, our first herring spawn, it

was pretty perfect

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