Peaceful Easy Feeling

march 7 004

At least I have stopped talking about sea lions all of the time.. This week there is a definite focus on the eagles. We have had some amazing shots as they hang around the house… There is usually two of them but sometimes I think I hear three. I named them Henley and Walsh . Today I was able to get a good picture of the third.. He wasn’t a figment of my imagination.. Henley and Walsh have a Small Frey

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In between the hours I spent watching the eagles and trying to get a good picture I worked on my rock garden.. Layering with rocks, leaves, ashes and compost… It is slow going but I am in no rush..

E built me three bird houses. He hung one outside our bedroom window, one in a tree by the back deck and one above the new rock garden… I will be able to watch little birdies learn to fly while I am in bed, drinking on the deck and in the garden. Pretty much the only three things I do around here.

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One of our sons is coming for the weekend so I made chicken souvlaki and a cake… …Hopefully the weather will be good for the weekend and he can help E with some projects .. I’m thinking they could fabricate a nest for The Eagles outside my bedroom window so they could serenade me with

“Peaceful Easy Feeling”

attack, they could

I don’t write them down . But I collect sentences in my head. Sentences I read or hear which seem perfect to me…

1. When the sun set, colours appeared and no one knew their name.

2. He hadn’t lived in his new house long enough to find his way to the bathroom in the dark.

3. I was an owl but he was a lark and couldn’t stay up late to wait for the comets…

I wish I could come up with the definitive description of what I am seeing today. A perfect sentence. But I as usual I will rely on an appropriate story from days gone by…so here it goes.

This one is from Christmas Eve when I was a young, so young that my father was still around. My father wasn’t much of a father. He had a very nice smile but not much else going for him as fathers go.. We spent Christmas Eve at my parents friends house.. The adults celebrated upstairs and the kids were sent to the basement to entertain themselves..

I was the youngest of the group. I think there were five us down there. The TV was turned on. The lights were turned off , We settled in to watch Hitchcock’s “The Birds”. Apparently KVOS TV felt that if you were watching TV on a Christmas Eve you deserved to have the *^*& scared out of you…

I was probably four years old and the memory of those birds coming through the windows is still with me.. (I remember the birds more than my father)

We have two eagles hanging around the house.. I guess they are waiting for the herring. We are waiting for the herring also and when we  go town next week we had better not miss it.. If we do, I may never leave the island again. I have named the two eagles Henley and Walsh and loaded a couple of videos of them under the utube site.  They sit on the branches outside our living room window. We can spy on them hunting for fish.

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Today it was a great day in the garden.  Cloudy and ten degrees. perfect for pulling salal, moving ashes to my rock garden and puttering about. The whole time I was up there the eagles were yapping … I am pretty sure they were discussing how they could have Sami for lunch.

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When I came back to the house the two of them were sitting on the branch in front of my window. They are beautiful and majestic. But I can’t help but be reminded of The Birds and that if they wanted to fly through the window and

attack, they could.

eagles dinner time

In keeping with the theme of this blog of my attempt to learn something new each day, Here I present The Guild…. Now I have spoken about my Grandmothers  Church Guild before. (hear them too)  I don’t know why, but I knew they met on a Wednesday at the church each month.. Afterwards there was tea and scones.. Todays is a different type of Guild.

I have, as mentioned spent the better part of the last three days immersed in the gardening magazines given to me by my friend.. As I read, the birds feed on the black oil sun flower seeds on the perch. There were two feeders and a china cup filled with suet until yesterday.DSCN4279

But the Y’s had a hummingbird during the snow storm so I have replaced the suet feeder with a hummingbird feeder.  Last summer was just too much fun with the hummingbirds and I am eager to see their return.     (That is my hand holding the  feeder)

june 3rd 012

The birds battle for space below the feeder with the  squirrel. There are a few types of birds all gathered  together and they seem to all get along very well. The  Towhee and Chickadees have been here the better part of the winter. I have spoken before about my admiration for Crows with their Murders and the Geese with their Gaggles.  I have lamented the poor  Robins with no name for their  party and I   named ( it a hood)   But today I was delighted to find there is a  name for this group of birds on my perch. I produce here an excerpt from the Garden Wise Magazine,  Early Summer 2005.

Except for the islands and the north coast (where the chestnut – back is the only chickadee you will see) ……Chickadees often travel in mixed flocks of birds that forage in similar habitats. These are called “guilds”  a gang of chickadees may be joined by red breasted nuthatches, brown creeps, downy or hairy woodpeckers and a golden-crowned or ruby-crowned kinglets.

So I present to you “The Perch Guild”

feb 24 019

We had such a gorgeous day on the island walking in the snow. We took lots of pictures and followed the tracks of racoons on the lawn at SoHo, deer behind my vegie garden and otter at The Point.

We took our chain saw with us in case we found any trees down.. Strangely the only two trees  down were on Owl lane.. A large Cherry (?) took down an Arbutus on the cliff behind our apple trees and dropped beside the oldest one.. (exactly where I have been working this week).  It landed beside the tree and didn’t harm a twig…. The other tree down was a small one across the road by the pond…

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It appears to be the

feb 25 c 019

eagles dinner time