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Stories to Tell

Stories to tell

For six years a cult was located on DeCourcy Island. I suspect I am not alone in my frustration that although it was eighty-five years ago, our island continues to be identified by Brother XII’s time here. His residency only lasted six years. There were others who lived on this island, hardworking, honest people, both before and after the Aquarian Foundation.

It goes without saying that before any of us were here, the Lyackson First Nations people lived and fished in these waters for thousands of years. I will leave the history of the indigenous people in this area to the experts and explore the stories of our island, beginning with the first of the European settlers; the men and women who lived on the farm since 1873.

After all, there have been enough books written about the cult. We don’t need another one. There are other Stories to tell.


The First Story –  Robert Burrell           1873                                    (Robert Burrell)

The Second Story – William Flewett     1881 – 1914                        (William Flewett)


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