March 31 – Look Ma, no playof beard!!

I am going in later today as I am going to spend the evening with E. Papa has gone to Surrey hospital to have the lump on his back removed. They don’t know if it is a return of the melanoma, so it will be removed and biopsied.

Scott has gone golfing with Jens, Dylan and Tyler. Linda was going to drive them and Kerry was going to pick them up. Mom took Jeanie and Jack to the bird sanctuary and were going to pack a lunch to eat there. Jan L. is picking up Scott’s jersey today and we are getting a 43.00 refund from the team as they aren’t having a wind up. The Bantam baseball draft is tonight so we will find out which team Scott is on. Jack was drafted on Gary H’s team along with Jeremy.

Lisa and Deanne drove me down and I bought sushi for us for lunch and we were here in time to eat lunch with E. He is sleeping now. We are expecting the results from his first biopsy around 2:30 today and then they can take the pacer wires out. After they take them out he has to lie perfectly still for 45 minutes. The hockey game is on at 4:30 so we can listen to that .
All the wires and tubes removed…
Barb called and is going to come and see us on Sunday at 6:30 for an interview for the ongoing research she is doing on nursing support for transplant patients.

3 PM

Stephen just came in to tell us the good news that E’s biopsy went great with a Grade 0 rejection. They are rated from 0 – 4. 0 being the best. So a Doctor came in and took his pacer wires out and his telemetry wires off . I phoned Papa  to let him know. He is just taking it easy and said this mornings biopsy wasn’t too bad. Jack and Jeanie had a good time at the bird sanctuary. Scott has finished golf and is over at Dylan’s for the afternoon.

Becci and Deanne are picking me up tonight and Papa and I will be back in the morning to pick E up for his day pass. We just have to have him back before 8 PM.

All the wires gone. Time to shave the playoff beard and get ready for his day pass tomorrow

We are sitting and listening to the hockey game. They are losing 2-1 as they enter the third period.

Once E had all of his wires removed he had a shower and shaved off his playoff beard. While he was on the transplant list his didn’t shave and neither did Papa. Then we went for walk to where Antoinette was working and I was able to introduce E because of course he doesn’t remember her. He thanked her. I showed him all around the transplant surgery family room where we stayed, the waiting room where we waited for news after his second surgery. The chapel where we spent quite a bit of time. He was fascinated as of course. He could never picture where we were.

They just announced a code black over the PA which I think is a bomb threat. All the doors to the ward have been closed and no one is allowed to go anywhere. It would be such a shame to go to all the trouble to get a new heart and then blow up on day seven. B ecci and Deanne are on their way to come and get me but I wonder if they will be able to get in.

Becci, Lisa, and Deanne had to wait outside at the coffee shop across the street waiting for the bomb scare to be over with. So I wasn’t able to leave the building til 8:30 PM. It was a pain for them to have to wait for me.. Very nice of them..:) . They drove me straight home. Scott was still at Lisa’s after golfing in the afternoon so we picked him up on our way home.

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