March 30 – Day seven – First heart biopsy

I was here by 750 AM so I could help with breakfast and be here before they took him down for his biopsy. His biopsy was at 9 AM and chest x-ray. We met a man there who had his transplant 7 years ago !! Wow, seven years amazing !.

So we are back to his room now. He has taken 2 T3′s as his neck was bothering him. They are going to start his IV medication now. We are going to try to have a rest now til lunchtime it is 9:50 AM.

Brian wanted to come and sit with him tonight. So I am expecting him at the end of the day. I have to be sure to get stamps to mail the thank you cards on my way out to get lunch.

E is in great spirits. Much more back to his usual relaxed joking self. I noticed a huge difference in the return of the normal mood today. He shaved his beard off and looks great. He couldn’t really have a good nap as nurses were coming and going constantly. Brian was here at 4PM and I was home by 4:30, there wasn’t any traffic.

The phone kept me busy all night. Hutch called, Janice called and Lisa and Deanne for coffee from 8 – 10. Papa was home around 9 PM. Becci was at Children’s with Jeanie. Fred’s brothers wife gave birth to identical twin daughters.

Around 10:30 the door bell and there was a burning bag of pooh on the front porch…. Welcome home.

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