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March 29 – ENT Hell!!!

Becci called last night, Lisa, Gareth and her had been in to see E and were thrilled at how good he looked.

Jeanie stayed at Kate’s til 8:30 and had a great time.

E is just at ENT. They took him before I could get here. I don’t know where he so I will just wait. Dr. Kerr felt the coughing up of blood might be because of a cut from one of the tubes in his throat. He said there is no sign of pneumonia. E later told me it was the worst thing he has gone through since he got here.. They put him in a wheel chair and left him in the ENT office by the door. Although wrapped in a blanket, he was really cold. It was a busy office and next to the door everyone was and talking around him.. I was no where around and they left him for what seemed to him hours. Cold and uncomfortable and wary of crowds with germs … he just wanted to get back to bed….. I felt terrible for not being with him, but the test was unscheduled.. I should have slept here…..

I paid the utility taxes today so there is another bill off my plate. the boys cut the lawn and loaded up the wood from the side of the house yesterday. I spoke with Carol last night to thank her for the fruit basket. She has sent me her email address. I got a note back from Bill and an update on life in Boston. Barbs baby is due on April 30th.

Mom is taking Jeanie to Dr. Davidson today at 2:30 to have her kidneys rechecked. She felt last night it was starting to hurt again.

The nurse was in discussing the future plans of follow-up. Biopsies weekly for 4 weeks, bi-weekly 4 times, then monthly. They want to release him on Monday but he will still need IV medication MTW twice a day. he will see if the our local health unit can send a public health nurse to administrate it.

and Becci came around 4;30. Nancy was able to stay til 8. E said they had a nice visit. Alison, Kathy, Lisa and Deanne all called to say hi tonight. Flowers arrived from my work. I sat and wrote thank you letters during the hockey game so I could stay on top of things.

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