March 28 Day five and climbing stairs

March 28 th

Another day of strike at the school. Jeanie is going to Kates to play today. I got here at 8AM. Papa drove me. I was here in time to help him with his breakfast and morning pills. then we both dozed off from 9:15 – 10:15.

The physiotherapist came at 10:15 . we walked twice around the floor and climbed the stairs. I couldn’t believe he was walking up stairs. E actually said to the physio when she told him to climb the stairs “you know I just had a heart transplant, right?”

His chest looks good. But he is coughing up more blood than yesterday. We told Dr. Kerr and he said he would check yesterdays chest x-ray. The pharmacist is going to come and explain about the anti-rejection drugs but we already know most things as he has been on them since July. But there is one which will replace the imuran he used to take.

He didn’t eat much lunch but then slept again from 12:30 – 2 PM. We walked around the ward once then he went to exercise class til 2:30. Janet is coming to sit with him tonight. Papa, Scott and Jack are coming to pick me up.

The nurse talked to us about the medication E will be getting to combat the CMV. He will get a pik line put in which is a long-term IV line.It goes right up his arm. He will have it for 10 weeks and will have to come in once per week for IV meds. They will schedule it for the same days that E has his heart biopsies. So we obviously have a lot of outpatient time to be spent here in the next three months. The kids will still be in school for most of it.

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