March 26 a day of rest

8:10 AM

They came in at 6 to check E’s vitals. At that time he was nauseous and had a headache and stomach ache. Nurse gave him T3 and something for the nausea in his IV. They removed the catheter and we went back to sleep.

At 7:30 the tech came in and took 5 vials of blood, This is testing his hemoglobin. It is still low and they are trying to discover why. In the meantime he will be having another pint of blood. Now at 8 AM he is having his calcium by IV and 30 mg of prednisone. They have cut it by 5 mg per day already. He started at 40 mg. She is taking his vitals again and testing blood pressure. At 9 AM he will get his big medications. BP is 138/78. blood sugar is 65. She mentioned that the routine will be for the transplant team – Dr. Andy- will be here every morning at 8 AM.

Weight 192, crackles in his lungs and swollen ankles. So we have some concerns but I am sure they can be taken care of by medications like IV Lasix.

He ate a good breakfast but is concerned about these signs of problems. It is a gorgeous sunny day outside. He has been asking for the children so Papa will bring them tonight after dinner. He is able to get up slowly to go to the bathroom himself. He sat in a chair for a while and then the physiotherapist took him for a walk around the ward. He seems fainter and more tired today but this is to be expected. They put special tight socks on his legs to help with circulation. But everyone says they are pleased with his progress. He had a lasix IV to get rid of the fluid.

He is currently getting another unit of blood and having a rest. He is very tired.


He has just had dinner. Doesn’t appear to have too much appetite and is tired. He doesn’t really smile much but the children are on their way so maybe that will brighten his mood. Nurse just tested his blood sugar and it is high. 90. So they will be looking into that. He coughed up blood again so he coughed it into a sample bottle and they will send it for investigation. But they tell me that it isn’t unexpected as he did have blood in the chest cavity. So it could be a process of clearing the chest cavity out.

He has peed 3 litres of fluid and they just gave him another IV lasix so he will be up all night. But it is worth it to get rid of the extra fluid.

Lisa called in to check on us. She was on her way to drive Nona to the airport. Gareth is sitting with his Dad tonight.

BP is 123/60. heart rate is 94. Temp is 37.4. If the temp goes higher than 37.5 they will stop the infusion of imuglobin which they have just started. He will get it for 1 hour every 3 days for 21 days. After he is released from the hospital he will come back as an outpatient for it.

We both slept all afternoon, well I slept, E said although he is on T3 there really wasn’t a deep sleep, just dozing.

7:05 pm the kids just left. They have been here for an hour. It was nice for E to see them. They still don’t know if they have school tomorrow as the strike hasn’t been settled. If all is ok with E, I will go home mid afternoon. Brian and Sandra can then come for the evening to take over for me and I can get sorted out at home. But as I say, we will see how it goes tomorrow with E’s tests.

I phoned Leroy and he is going to drop his little TV off tonight for Papa to bring tomorrow. E might then be able to watch the hockey games at least if they are on TV.

E has had a lot of different medications today and he has accepted them very well. You would think he would show signs of nausea etc. with at least one or two of them.

So we are left with just a couple of causes for concern at this point. His high blood sugar levels and the fact he is still coughing up a little blood. Tomorrow they probably will remove the bandages and then slowly remove the staples. She thought maybe every second one the first day and then the rest the next day.

Andy might stop in but we really aren’t expecting anything else to happen tonight

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