March 25 back to 5A

720 PM

We finally made it to 5A Room 505 at 5:40 PM. E is exhausted. He had no sleep all day. With T3′s regularly he is still unable to sleep. However, once we got to the private room he immediate fell asleep.

I had moved my things to this room this morning when I had to move out of the family room. Leroy picked Deanne and I up around 10:30. We had to take the plants back to the house as they aren’t allowed on a cardiac floor. Deanne and I slept in til 8:30. I guess, as it was a Saturday with no workers arriving on the floor, there was no noise outside the room to wake us.

I went to E’s room around 9AM. As he was doing so well he was now sharing a nurse. So I was able to help him with his breakfast, meds and getting back into bed for an EKG.

He doesn’t like the male physiotherapist and tells me to keep him away from him.

Andy mentioned that E would have a heart biopsy next Thursday and might even be able to go home on a weekend pass next weekend. I guess tomorrow will be a major day of rest and then Monday they will start encouraging him to get up and walking. But once again, Andy commented how Dr. A mentioned what a beautiful specimen of a heart E received.

Leroy took us home this morning and I was able to have a bath and change my clothes. Papa had made a gorgeous stew last night so I was able to have a hot bowl of it for lunch.

Jack was on his way over to Ean’s to play. Scott and Jeanie were content to hang around the house. Papa brought me back and we had a quick visit with E and then went for a cup of coffee. He left me here around 2:30 and I returned to E’s ward and waited in his room til he got here.

He is still leaking a little and his hemoglobin is low. But Andy wasn’t too worried about it . They had to give him another pint of blood this afternoon and I just heard them at the nurses station order another one for tomorrow. He is still on the catheter til tomorrow which is just as easy for him til he is more mobile. He does cough up blood occasionally but aside from sending a couple of hematologists to see him nobody seems to be worried. They have ordered tests for tomorrow so things must be well in hand.

Jeanie was telling me that when she was at PR yesterday with my sister there were people talking about a 43-year-old man who had a heart transplant. Maggie said that it was Jeanie’s Dad. She said “yup, that’s my Daddy.” so he is famous

Nona is going back home tomorrow night. She misses Nono and was here for the crisis. She came in yesterday with Lisa to say goodbye to us.

Papa said that MM called and is at home now, so called to say congrats.

One of the nurses on the floor here brought in the big lazy boy chair from the tv room for me to sleep on in E’s room. I thought that was incredibly nice of her to do. I have asked everyone to stay away tomorrow to allow I his rest. So I am not anticipating many visitors. Brian and Janet came today and of course he saw Papa.

E still has no pain and has no complaints except that he is completely exhausted.

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