March 24 Friday

7:30 AM

E slept through the night. That must be good news. Although I haven’t seen him yet. I have to wait til rounds are over.

Last night Papa brought the kids to see hi and of course he was delighted. Just a few minutes of talking does tire him out but he was sitting up and lucid. The nurses were going to see if later he could try to stand up a little bit. I think the plan is at lease one more night in the CCR before he goes back to 5A.

I had some items of interest I wanted to add.

His surgery began at 7:23 AM and ended at 12:07 PM When Lisa, Fred and Becci went into see him at 5:30 pm yesterday his nose tube was gone but he was talking. Very tired and started to drift back to sleep so we kept it short. Brian and Sandra then came in and also were able to keep it short. Brian and Sandra also want to see him today as Brian is taking the boys golfing tomorrow. When the children came with Papa at 7 PM last night the GI tubes were gone but still on the catheter.

Leroy again came later in the evening at 7:45 and visited with us for an hour and then came in at 9PM to say our good nights to E.

Today I expect it to be calmer. Belva, Nancy and Gareth are coming.


We went in to see E this morning  as they were doing a procedure on him.It turned out they were removing the IV from his groin area. He had slept well and was able to talk quite clearly but was obviously tired out very quickly. He had two Tylenol 3 last night but that is the only pain-killer he had. Which amazed us that he doesn’t seem to be in any pain at all. But Gina, his nurse, was telling me that the recovery is slow and he still has to take it very easy for weeks and even months after he gets home. He must still take naps when required.


Belva, Nancy, Erik, Andrew and Heaather came in. I took Belva in first and E had been moved to a private room. Then Erik and Nancy were able to talk to him. He was able to eat a few of the grapes I brought in. They didn’t stay too long. As you could see he was getting tired and Gina (nurse) said that physio was on their way.

When we got back to the room, Lisa, Eileen, Olivia and  (Nona) were all here to deliver a gorgeous bouquet of orchids from Eileen and a card and balloon from Gina. It was Olivia’s birthday so they were off shopping and didn’t get in to see him. They were gone by 11;45 I received a call from Paul. We had a good long talk, he said he had spoken with Vaughn who had his surgery in Feb. They removed 30 cm of his Colon. He was lucky, if it had been 31 cm he would have had to have a colostomy . But Paul sent his love and I will try to arrange for those two to talk next week.

Deanne and I went on a hunt for a vase on the 5th floor for the orchids. we were able to see sue and say Hi and thanks. Even she commented on on how determined E was in his commitment to get fit again and his dedication to going to the heart clinic will help him in that. But she said they were hoping to get him a private room on 5A tomorrow and Andy will be around. She said if there has been a transplant on it will be hard for him to stay away.

We came back to our room and Deanne read to me from a magazine and I immediately fell asleep. I didn’t even hear the phone ring. Gareth called to say he would be here around 6, so it is 3:10 .

3:10 pm

When we went in at 3:10 he had been moved to the ward beside the door. he was sitting up in a chair. Both Deanne and I said in unison “oh my God!”

Sitting up with me in my Tinman shirt from Hil . He looked at us like he was doing nothing unusual and what were we going on about? We stayed about 20 minutes. He is very quiet. He couldn’t remember when he had seen his Mom but he remembered seeing her. So he has lost all sense of time. He has begun to cough and use the cushion to press against his chest.

He had beef stew for lunch and has had physio twice a day. So when physio came back to help him into bed (he had been sitting for 45 min) we left.

We went to Tokyo Joes for sushi and came back to watch Law and Order and eat dinner. Lisa will come later tonight and we are expecting Gareth around 6pm.

Flowers arrived from the Ts.

E seems to be a little overwhelmed with everything and is very tired and mellow. The physio had commented that his feet were warm so his circulation has definitely improved. We had all commented on how great his colour was and we could notice now how pale we had come to accept as normal. So Lisa brought in Deanne’s mirror (she uses for her contacts) to show him for himself.

The boys had fun golfing with Brian. I haven’t heard what Jack’s score was but Scott’s  was 44 over par..:) Brian is spending the night at our house tonight. Jeanie went to Moms yesterday to help garden for an hour and today Mom took her shopping to Richmond.

Brian got our lawn cut for the first time. It desperately needed it. Scott will do it the second time and as often as possible to get it down to a manageable state. E will be glad to come home on a beautiful spring day and be able to enjoy the back yard for fresh air.

At lunch today they removed the big tube going into his main neck artery. You can see his tubes are gradually disappearing in preparation for his return to 5A.

Gareth came at 6 PM, he and I went in.  E was in bed. He had turkey for dinner. He wasn’t very talkative and is obviously spent. He says he wishes the next five days were over and he had more of his wits and strength about him.

7:15 PM

Deanne and I are just taking it easy. The hockey game is on and we are just waiting for Leroy to arrive.

I was able to get a hold of Ron. finally to give him the news. He will try to get a hold of Hil but he isn’t sure if he will be able to . But she is back on March 30th, next Thurs. from Paris.

Leroy came at 8PM and we went in to see E. he was tired but he enjoyed his talk with Leroy and Deanne. We left after 20 min. They were going to give him sleeping pills and T3′s before he goes to sleep.

We came back to watch the Canucks game. They won 8-1. So they are still in the hunt for the playoffs. I phoned the nurse to tell E.

I think the plan for tomorrow is for Leroy to pick up Deanne and I and all our stuff tomorrow. At that time they will be moving E to the ward. I can then shower and change and come back with Papa and the kids. Then I will sleep in his room on the ward til I am sure his is okay. That is the plan anyways,.

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