March 23 Post Op


11:30 AM

We called the nurse to see if it was ok to come and see him again. Gina, she said we could come. He is awake. The ventilator was out and he wants to see all the kids. He is euphoric from the drugs and can’t believe had all that surgery and feel so good. Good Drugs!

So he is constantly coming up with the jokes.. I want to record them.

He asked them if they counted all the sponges as he felt the need to mop.

He couldn’t understand that I had my own phone which the nurse could reach me on any time and I could be there in a minute .. So he responds.. “then stop bothering me now..”

He responded, if there were so many people here to see him yesterday, using the int’l sign for money.. he ask then where is all the cash?

He wanted us to explain why the sternum was bleeding, how they found out and how they fixed it. I have kept the papers he wrote when he had the ventilator and Deanne took a picture of us with him just with an oxygen mask.. no ventilator.

He didn’t quite realize I had been there an hour ago. he is very fuzzy on time. He asked if he was getting dextrose. She said yes. You can’t have food. It was lunch time.. He responded “it’s okay, it would probably be shepherds pie anyways”

following some more

We went into see E. Brian and Sandra had come at 1 but were unable to see him as he was asleep. He was more groggy this time when we saw him but less tubes and the oxygen mask was gone.

I told him that I bought a lottery ticket yesterday but we hadn’t won. He said “then you bought the wrong one again!”

I told him friends were coming for a second to see him around 5 PM. The nurse said that it was really important the he rest and it really should be family only. I said these people are like family to us. So E winked at her and said that he and she could arrange a secret sign when he wants guest to leave.

So then I told him that as they are weaning him off the morphine if he is suddenly awake and lucid at 2 AM he can have me called and I could be there right away. So he looked at me and told me to wear something provocative as I walk down Davie Street to see him..

But he was definitely more tired and groggy than the euphoria we saw at noon

I told him of the condition of his native heart and said Dr. Able said we would be given an opportunity to sit it. He reminded me to save a picture to take of it.

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