March 21 Eve before

I will start where I left off yesterday so I don’t miss anything. But what a 24 hours this has been.

Deanne called to say Steve’s team had made it into the finals. So they couldn’t come and see E as the final spring tournament game was at 7 PM last night. When I hung up and told E, he looked so sad that he was missing out on what he loved and was reminiscing about last spring breaks tournament. So I went to the nurse and asked her if he could have a pass to go home for the night to watch Steve’s game. She called the Doctor and he said fine as long as were back by rounds at 8 AM. But that was fine with us as we could see the game and get a decent nights sleep in our own bed together. We were out of there as fast as we could. It was an escape. We were on our way home by five, in the middle of rush hour.

E had a bath. I phoned the Deanne and told her E said he would come to Steve’s game if he scored a hat trick. We went to the game at the local Arena. E wrapped in a blanket. It was loud and crowded. Steve scored his hat trick.. pointing up to E after each goal. They won the game and the tournament Gold 6 – 0. So it was strange sitting there, when only 2 hours earlier we had been in the cardiac ward and E was still in fact a patient and a priority for a heart.

After the game we came home. E was tired. I went up to have a bath and we planned to have an early night.

But at 9:30 PM the BC Transplant Society called and said they thought they had a heart for us. E had answered the phone.

Scott and Jeanie were so excited. We all got packed and phoned our family and the gang. We drove over to the Ean’s to tell Jack in person and give him a kiss. He also was so excited.

We dropped Jeanie and Scott at Lisa’s to spend the night. Lisa jumped in the car and then Becci pulled up and jumped in the car too! They said no way were we going without them. I was quite calm and able to drive with no problem. E just couldn’t believe it was happening. We parked in the Wall Centre and went back up this room on 5A. The nurses were expecting him

They weighed him and gave him a chest x-ray. Did a urine sample. He had to have an anti-bacterial shower. IV put into his arm and 15 tubes of blood samples taken. They also put him on a saline solution to keep his fluids up and a vitamin K IV to thicken the blood so there was less blood loss during the surgery. They also gave him an ativan to keep him calm. He had been told to take his regular medications 9:30 before we came, in case it is a dry run.

Becci and Lisa shared one bed. E and I in the other and we lay in the darkness making stupid jokes and behaving like children at a sleepover. But it got us through the night. They didn’t come for him til 6 AM . They gave him an anti-rejection drug and one to reduce acid in his stomach before we went downstairs and another ativan.

We were all doing fine. E didn’t sleep at all. I don’t think any of us had much sleep. but when we heard the sound of the gurney coming to get him, it was a scary sound.. Suddenly everything seemed real.

Dr. Woodhouse, the anesthesiologist came in to introduce herself and interview E before he went downstairs. On the gurney as we made our way down the hall he  said that he guessed he had better get his skates sharpened.

I think a few tears were shed as we made our way to the third floor cardiac Or.

Lisa and Becci stepped aside so E and I could say our goodbyes and he promised to come back to me…. They took him into surgery at 7 AM.

Now at that point they could have turned around said there was something wrong with the heart and sent us home. A dry run they call it. Some people have two or three. I couldn’t stand it. The stress is immense.

We went to the private family waiting room for heart transplant patients.

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