March 19 Heading to Emergency

Brian and Sandra stayed the night. We watched the end of the hockey game and then made up a bed for them on the pull out couch. E had a rough night. He wasn’t comfortable on his back and had difficulty getting his breath. He woke up struggling for air.

We paged Dr. Kerr who advised us to come into emergency and they would see about getting him a bed so he can get a dobutamine ‘tune-up”.

We had breakfast first. Brian and Sandra are going to see about getting the tire fixed so our van is operational. Papa isn’t able to come over til Thursday unless it is urgent. He has Kathleen and her kids for spring break. He will come if we need him.

I called Lisa and asked her for a ride home tonight. One of them will pick me up. Brian and Sandra drove us to emerg and then headed home to see to the car and check on the kids.

Lisa said she would make sure the kids get dinner this week, so I won’t worry about that right now.

E seems to be feeling ok. He had his lunch. We didn’t need to wait in emerg at all, maybe 45 min. They did an EKG and chest x ray. They gave him lasix by IV to try to get rid of the fluid build up.

They have us in a double room on 5A. No one else is in here so it is quite peaceful. They are able to monitor him here. However, he isn’t able to get on the dobutamine until we go down to CCU so we are waiting for a bed to free up down there.

But he is out of breath even at rest so even though there are no dizzy spells he is showing signs of CHF. (congestive heart failure)

I don’t know how long he will be in here. I guess as usual it is one day at a time. But he is comfortable now and not in any pain.

Lisa says Gareth’s Dad isn’t doing very well. I was worried about adding to her concerns by asking her to make sure my kids get dinner but Nona is here and Lisa isn’t going to the hospital any more. Deanne is off this week too so I am sure she will help out..

Brian called and said they he got the front tires installed. While he and Jeanie were stopped at a light some lady hit him so there are new dents in the back of the van. So it isn’t just me that is dinging the hell out of the body of the van. They are going to leave shortly and then Lisa will look in on the kids later.

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