Thank you letter published in local paper

April 8, 2000

Family grateful for support of L friends

Dear Editor:

We want to give to give special thanks to L, a small town which should be proud of its community spirit.

We are newcomers to L, we have been here 10 years. We had no family here and knew no one when we chose L to live in and raise our family.

But between hockey games, baseball practices, swimming lessons, PAC meetings and Beaver camps , we have come to know people with strength, loyalty and deep bonds of friendship.

On March 22, E received his heart transplant. As our family waited these last eight months we couldn’t have made it without the love and support of all of you. You, who drove our kids to games, brought food for the family, flowers to brighten our home, included us in your prayers and hugged us as we met at school events.

We thank all of you but would be remiss if we didn’t mention a few of you:

To Andy for his words outside the OR: “Its over, he did great!”

To the Pylons men’s hockey team for its incurable optimism.

To Kathy, Kerry, Gina and Jessie who occupied worried minds.

To the children in the Y, P and H families who understood their parents commitment of time to us.

To G who came daily on his way to the Hospital to face his own family’s challenge.

To L and Ffor their unfailing humour.

To L and B who lay in our room and made us giggle through the night like children as we waited for the sound of the gurney.

To D for staying at the hospital with me and holding my hand at one in the morning.

Thanks just isn’t enough.

They say it takes a community to raise a child but it took a community to help S, Jand J see their father get a new lease on life.

One other note, to the mother, father, husband or wife, who during the most difficult time any of us could imagine, made the decision to give the gift of life to a most deserving father of three, we thank you whoever and wherever you are.

Me, Him  S J and J

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