April 4 Handful of pills

April 4th

Papa  and E were on the road early. They had to be at St. Paul’s by 8 AM for E’s morning IV treatment. Tomorrow morning will be the last time they have to go in the morning that early. After I dropped the kids off at school I started to drag all the garbage I could out to the street for spring Clean up.

Mom has gone to Victoria for a couple of days. She should be back late Thursday afternoon. She is staying with Dorothy but will be seeing Paul and Bob also.

I dropped a letter to the Editor off yesterday at the paper to thank everyone for their help. I hope they publish it. Probably it wont be until Saturday.

Papa and E were back around 11 AM. E had lunch and a bath and has now gone to lay down for a little while.

Janet phoned to see how E was. She had been at guide camp all weekend.

Lisa called they are doing as well as can be expected. Gareth went back to work yesterday. Rather than a funeral they are going to have a gathering in Inhis hometown in the summer when his brother is back.

I have a Doctors appointment at 11:50 AM on Friday, then we will head to St. Paul’s for his 1 PM IV appointment. I am so pooped with everything, I think I will just take it easy. I am up to date with all of the thank you cards. I mailed the medical receipts in the morning for E’s massive medical bills yesterday. Thank God we live in Canada. If we lived in the States we would be moving to a trailer down by the river.

I spoke with Andy C. yesterday in the school yard and he said they had done another transplant Sunday night. It was the 20-year-old in the CCU that had been waiting quite a while.

Well I got a couple of loads of laundry done. The kitchen floor washed and made dinner before I drove E downtown for his night-time IV session. So I wasn’t a complete bum today. This on top of putting all he the spring cleanup out. I have to start increasing my activity level.. The garden beckons……….

While E had his IV treatment we had a lovely conversation… we were talking about plans for the garden, pathways, pergolas. It was a relaxing conversation which I enjoyed. I can’t remember the last time we were able to talk about something normal, future plans and ideas without the hesitancy of wondering “if we will have a heart by then”. What a major hurdle to have behind us…. Now we can get on with our lives..

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