April 3 Homeward bound

Day Thirteen.. Lucky Thirteen !!!

We just brought E home for good. Thirteen days post transplant. It’s is amazing !!!!!!

So we came home armed with a prescription for a million drugs plus the bag of hospital distributed drugs. the anti rejection drugs will always come from the hospital pharmacy as they are so expensive. They never go through a commercial pharmacist. So we were home by 10:30 and have no intention of E ever sleeping overnight at the hospital again.

He is very tired though and has gone to bed to sleep in his own bed. Mentally the whole concept of coming home must be overwhelming plus he didn’t sleep very well last night. So I will get caught up on our thank you cards and order his medic alert bracelet. I can pick up his bag of medications on the way to pick up the kids.

Tonight we have to be back at the hospital for 5:30 to go to 9B outpatient ward for a one hour IV medication to combat the CMV.

Jack has his first baseball practice tonight 6 – 730. Scott is on Al and Scott’s team with Jens and lots of other kids that he knows so he is delighted. He will have two practices this week.

The spring musical at the school is this week. Thursday night, I have two tickets so I will take Mom with me.

E is literally at St. Pauls every day this week; three of the days he has to go twice a day. But at least he doesn”t have to sleep there any more !!!

The kids are back to school today and I think delighted to go back and see their friends. Tomorrow is spring clean up day for garbage pick up so I will be able to go crazy throwing things away.. it’s better than Christmas. I can hardly wait.

E discharged from the Heart Centre a new man.

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