April 2 Life is no picnic

April 2

I drove down early to get E. It was daylight savings so we lost an hour of sleep. We were back home by 11 AM. So E had a nice lunch and I cut his hair and he had a bath. But when he tried to lie down it didn’t last very long as Deanne called to say that Gareths’s Dad had died in the morning. Fred and Gareth were on their way to the last of the games of their hockey tournament. Gareth got the call just as they were arriving at the rink.

He has been very kind to be visiting E all the while his Dad was in palliative care….

I made a zillion banana chocolate chip cookies and two loaves of banana bread while E and Papa watched the hockey game.

Deanne and Becci came by with a card to sign for Eileens’s family and they had picked up some flowers so they were on their way over to Lisa’s to drop them off. I phoned Kathy to let her know about Gareth’s Dad.

It is a gorgeous day spring day and the garden beckons. With our diversion last summer the yard is in terrible need of tidying up.

When E got back to his room last night a bouquet of flowers had arrived from Alison and Kathy.

It is 3:40 and we still have seen no sign of Scott. I  am assuming he will be home for dinner. The strike is settled and the kids have to go back to school tomorrow. Jack has his first baseball practice tomorrow night with his new team. Mary called my Mom to see if everything was okay as I had not talked to her since my original call to Paul and she was worried. But I have just been so swamped some nights, the phone just rings off the hook.

I have to make an appointment to see my Doctor this week. I will try to time it so it goes along with E’s Doctors appointments.

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