Off The Grid

Living off the Grid on a west coast island

Videos of the wildlife

Here is the link to videos of life on the nature channel… Just click on the highlighted word or go to the bottom link to see them all listed on our channel…

July, 2017                              (

) swimming in front of the house with a salmon

July 8, 2017                           (Full Moon) Close up of full moon taken with Nikon P900

April 22, 2015                       (Pod of Orca) under neath our house

October 30, 2014                 (Sea Lions) swallowing a fish whole beneath us

October 25, 2014                 (Pod of Orca) in front of SoHo

June 14, 2014                       (Two week old lambs)

May 27, 2014                        (Robin) feeding babies in the nest

April 12, 2014                       (Squirrel) fist fight

April 7, 2014                         Parade of sea lions in front of our house

April 6, 2014                         Orca in front of our house

April 5, 2014                         Sea Lions in the Narrows

April 2, 2014                         Herring Spawn

February 24, 2014                Lambs

March 8, 2014                       Juvenile Cormorant and Eagle in the Cut

Island Beaver                         Beaver

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