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We could be coming up to the best show the nature channel has to offer. It has been a nine year wait since the last really good episode of herring spawn in the local waters but it is looking like the sequel is finally going to be released.

There have been gorgeous photos on the news of the recent spawn up the island from where we live. It looks to be a good one this year. Today, I saw herring under our deck release their eggs. The seas are full of the tiny fish, causing the water to ripple and the wee bubbles to rise to the top.

It would perhaps be beneficial at this time to repeat the chronology of the events of the last great herring spawn in 2014.

March 21 – We saw herring below the deck releasing their eggs with the little bubbles floating to the surface.

April 2 – Spawn at Mudge. Eggs visible on the kelp, water white with milt. Gulls, eagles feasting on the herring which the hundreds of sea lions push to the surface.

April 5 – Pod of Orca (5) follow the spawn through Dodd Narrows

April 8 – Milt outside of our marina

April 9 – Milt outside the marine park. Hundreds of eagles, sea lions and sea birds

April 10 – Milt appears in the bay at the front of our family’s south house, slowly spreading to the next bay as well.

April 13 – The waters of the entire south side of the island are white and inundated with sea life.

My favorite memory of that time was sitting in beach chairs on the point at my sister in law’s watching the sea lions push the herring up against the rocks. Often the herring would jump up and land on the rocks beside us to get away. They were literally six feet from where we were sitting. E, who can’t kill anything, was picking the herring up and throwing them back in the water to give them a fighting chance.

In addition to a walk down memory lane to 2014, I will take a moment to remind you that it was three years ago this week that Bobby the humpback whale arrived for his three month stay and E got this picture of an Orca in front of our house.

Considering the sights we have seen in the eleven years we have lived here, we could be coming up to the best show there is, and that

is saying something

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