There was a time when I was the contact for my mother with Veterans Affairs. She had a pension with them and they provided amazing extended benefits to her, in return for her service during the war. Hearing aids, home upgrades after her stroke, etc. I called to let them know my new mailing address for her correspondence when we moved here but they would not accept a PO box. They needed to know my street address and postal code. Small problem with that – our house is nowhere near our official street address and we don’t have a postal code. It took a lot of convincing but they eventually agreed to take our longitude and latitude coordinates as my “address”.

With the going rate for a jumbo sweet potato, at the local Save On, sitting at $4.26, it seemed like a good time to try growing them in my garden. Sweet potatoes, unlike their name implies, are not grown like potato potatoes. It is a long process to grow them at home and, as described by a fellow gardener here on the island, it can be a labour of love. Instead of buying bags of seed potatoes from the garden centre, you need sweet potato slips to plant and they are expensive and hard to come by. I asked friends for advice and, of course, also asked the google and have come up with a plan, an experiment if you will.

In November, I bought two and left them on the counter at room temperature. In January I buried them half way in some damp potting soil, in a clear plastic container. Covered with a plastic lid they were left for the last month in the living room by the window. As you can see through the plastic container there are roots growing below the potatoes and slips beginning to form at the end. In time, I will be able to break off and plant those slips into individual pots in the greenhouse. In May, when the soil and temperatures are very warm, I will plant them in five 20 gallon grow bags and set them in the garden. They do tend to spread and trail about, so I am thinking I will place the bags in the flower bed to let the plants wander amongst the rose bushes. By September, in theory, we shall have sweet potatoes fresh from the garden, as I said, a labour of love.

E and Piper spent the last several days testing the path where the pipes will be buried up to the gen shed. If there are spots where there is no soil and only island, the pipes will have to lay on the top and be covered with rocks. It was a miserable job. Today, he is busy building stairs for the shed.

I may be a little rusty on my modern spycraft but I learned something new last night, when we watched a 6 part series, called “The Undeclared War”. It is all about cyber warfare, and yada yada yada, Russians bad, Brits good, but during the show they revealed that there is an app designed by a few guys in 2013 who were trying to find an easy way to direct bands, instruments and supplies to remote music venues and they called the app, “what3words”. The entire world is divided into grids of 3 metre squares and each square has been given a three word combination to pinpoint its exact location. Its uses are infinite. Ten years ago, I could have provided Veterans Affairs with the 3words to locate me in an emergency or, for more clandestine future activities, if I want to secretly meet a source in Paris I could plan a rendezvous at


Sea lions hanging about for morning coffee today

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  1. I love the way you come around full circle! I knew there was going to be a point about the Veterans Affairs and your mailing address – I just had to be patient!


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