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As a lot of my stories begin, we go back many years ago to the house where we lived for twenty two years as we raised our kids. Unlikely as it may seem, there will be a point to the story.

It was late on a Saturday afternoon, as we sat in our family room watching hockey when, in the middle of the game, the channel changed to Nascar racing. None of us are interested in Nascar racing so it did seem odd. I looked at he who controls the remote and he looked as confused as I was. He changed the channel back to hockey and the TV turned itself back to the Nascar race. This went on several minutes until coincidentally the hockey game ended and we turned the TV off to go pick up kids or make dinner or walk the dog or any number of other things more important to worry about with much more than a shrug and huh that was weird.

E finished the generator portion of the new shed and we got it moved down the hill to its new home. We put a shelf next to the gas tank so you can sit a gas can on it and use a syphon to fill the generator. This will save our old backs. The propane for our stove and hot water systems will be moved behind the lattice on the right, once it is painted black.

The wireless remote start on the generator hasn’t been working for the last week, so, now that the generator is permanently in its new home, E can spend some time figuring out just why not. There was no point in worrying about it while it was in the temporary shed.

What was the temporary generator shed is now permanently relocated next to the wood shed. Two kind helpers came to help us move it, in return for cinnamon buns. It wasn’t heavy but awkward for just the two of us to manage. E was then able to install some plywood floor boards and can now start moving the tools we have been lent/given out of my front hall, off the deck, out of the greenhouse and into the new temporary tool shed.

Our friend came over with his tractor to remove all of the metal debris left by the fire. Bags and bags of heavy, blackened metal. Ugh. It was a wonderful sight to see when he drove it off the property. Today it was craned off the island at the working dock into a barge to go to the metal recycler.

With all of that horrid mess now gone, we are left with a clean slate to work with.

Back to the channel changing story because now it’s relevant. We found out shortly after the mysterious event that the television remote in our family room and the remote for our Nascar loving neighbour’s den tv were somehow on the same radio frequency. They were able to control each other. Our Nascar friend is an electrical engineer and was able to reprogram his to prevent any such future happenings. That was the end of it.

We were reminded of what we refer to as the Nascar event last night. E tried to turn on the generator in its new shed with the remote, from our kitchen, only to have the new motion detector porch light turn on instead of the generator. Coincidently the new light was installed one week ago at the same time that the generator remote stopped working.

In the absence of our electrical engineer friend maybe we can find out how to change the radio frequency on a motion detecting light,

on the google

2 thoughts on “On the google

  1. Wow – lots of progress being made with the projects! Hope you guys can figure out the remote issue without your old neighbour. At least you have an understanding of what happened.


    • hahah Fortunately our “old” neighbour follows the blog and might give us some insight.. It is very curious indeed. Honestly, there is never a moment when we don’t have to figure out some problem or other… But as you say, we are progressing one step at a time. We seem to be under control, which is saying a lot… 🙂 hugs…


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