His happy place

Our days have become complicated since the fire. Okay, let’s be honest, E’s days have become oh so very complicated. My days are spent trying to accomplish something, anything really, just to feel useful while trying to stay out of his way.

He started to build the new generator shed last week in between rain storms. During one such storm we took the opportunity to go to the big island for his regular blood work, and to pick up some tools which our very good friends have donated to the cause. They used to live here and now find themselves living in a beautiful new house with running water, heat, electricity and a complete lack of the daily challenges which would necessitate a sawzall or table saw. We appreciate their kindness.

On our way home from the city, as we arrived at the island marina, the shift control cable on our boat broke after thirty years of wear and tear. The engine then decided to stay in forward as we arrived at our slip. Yes, we hit the dock at full speed. It was all very alarming and, although no permanent damage to the boat, I am sure the marina managers will use the video in their 2023 highlight reel. Fortunately, I was able to brace myself safely. If I had been standing on the edge of the boat preparing to jump on the dock, which is normal, I would have been on America’s Funniest Home Videos.

New cables were ordered and a friend was able to pick them up and another friend brought them over. Another friend worked with my sister-in-law to install them. A reminder of how many friends can be involved in this “simple” life.

While in town we were able to pick up the remote for our new generator. We no longer have to go out in the dark and rain to start or stop the generator. We can do it from the comfort of our chair by the fire. It took E a day to install it, the supplier offered to install it for 960.00. E does earn his keep.

Another heavy rain storm prompted E to go under the house in the mud to disconnect the heat exchanger system he had recently installed for the hot tub. It wasn’t performing as we had hoped and the pump sound was annoying. It took him most of the day and he got just filthy.

There has been a lot of rain and the tanks up top should have been filling nicely, but this morning, when he checked the water levels there was very little water. We have a leak. After a couple of hours of searching we think we found it. We will know tomorrow. A two hour delay in the start of his work day on the generator shed spent checking the fittings on all of the pipes. Sigh, it is so frustrating.

Although of way less use than E, I have accomplished a few things. I cut back all of the clumping bamboo with a mind to divide it to populate The Crescent. I also pruned the apple trees and have spent a great deal of time staring at the Crescent trying to imagine what we can do with the space. At the moment it is very flooded and I have had to dig trenches to help it drain.

I have to admit all of the problems over the last month have led me to question, for the first time in ten years, whatever were we thinking moving here and, because most of the problems land on his shoulders, I have asked E repeatedly if perhaps a condo in the city is starting to look pretty nice. He just laughs and says but what would we do all day. He is in

His happy place

6 thoughts on “His happy place

  1. 😳I’m glad colliding with an island can be done in a somewhat safe manner!!! But nerve racking (sp) to be sure! Glad you’re (E) getting your fire recovery stuff sorted out…fortunately not something that happens often (fingers 🤞 crossed)

    I spent a couple of days in Comox at Christmas, so felt a need to go skiing at Mt Washington…first time skiing since 1995…yikes! Didn’t even get on a chair but they have a moving sidewalk that replaces rope tows and t- bars…so quite pleasant for an afternoon🎉


  2. Always a good idea to check in with him from time to time on the idea of moving. Sorry to hear of your additional troubles and glad you and the boat weren’t hurt in the crash! Yikes!

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