As an adult

The newly established clearing, at the top of the driveway, that we have found ourselves with, is dangerously close to quicksand levels. E actually lost the sole of his boot into the depths of the mud and yesterday I was close to needing a rope tow out.

I had been digging a bit of a trench to help drain the large puddles when I started to sink. It is clear now that all of the nearby island cliffs drain on to this level of our property. Seems to me that I will have little trouble growing trees on this new space.

I can’t keep calling it the new space, the scene of the fire, or top of the driveway. We need to name it. It used to be called the playground because it had both a trampoline and a swing set, but they are gone.

E has begun work on the new generator shed. Building from scratch is a lot more fun than renovating. There is a lot of humming and singing going on as he is enjoying the project.

E and I have been carrying around a street sign for thirty odd years, which I think we should hang on a tree in the new clearing. When I update you with the progress as we deal with the mud, and reclaim the land with plants and trees, I will be referring to the new area as the crescent

Growing up, as I did, in the sixties, watching Gilligan’s Island, I was left with the impression that there would be a lot more issues with quick sand than I have, until now had to deal with

as an adult.

4 thoughts on “As an adult

  1. So the area of the fire is your new dumping ground? Out of sight out of mind? Hopefully in the summer it will dry up all the rain (water) and allow you to use the area. If not, you have your own dumping ground. Maybe if or when you chop down another tree you can stand it up and see how far it will go down. To get an idea how deep it is.
    In the meantime, have fun building the new watershed on Chestnut crescent.


    • I am thinking a new flat clover field for croquet.. It will be very nice when its all said and done.. The 3000 gallons of water we put on the fire is partly to blame for the standing water. It will all work out..


  2. Starting new from what had many additions should allow you and E to get what you want. But as we all know the first new building is only the beginning. Good luck. I hope to be there in May to offer my”expert” views on what you should have done. LOL Zhen you can give me your Expert views on building my deck.


    • We just did not have the energy to build a concrete structure like you did. But what we have done is as safe as can be. We are just trying to move forward, one step at a time…
      Fortunately, we don’t need much storage any more ??


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