her ferry home

One son came early for Christmas to help E build a temporary shed for the generator. Our other son and his partner and two kids were going to come on the 23rd but the weather didn’t cooperate. At the last moment they were able to come on the 24th. We so appreciate all the efforts they went to as they went above and beyond the call of duty to get here so that we could be with them all for Christmas. It wasn’t our year to see our daughter and her partner but she might come to visit in January.

Our whole family hasn’t been together since the Thanksgiving of 2019 but, with two of our kids getting married this year, there is every likelihood that we will all be together a few times in 2023.

We have had higher than usual tides in our waters this week. I took advantage of the phenomenon and hired a barge to bring the supplies we need to build a new gen shed over today. We were going to wait until January to start the build but we just want it done and the sooner the better.

It will be a 6′ x 6′ shed with an 8′ height. The flooring and walls will be made of fireproof cement board. The roof will be made of metal roofing left over from our reno. It will have Hardie Plank siding, made from fibre cement, which is also fireproof. It will be well vented and only the generator will be stored inside. Located on the driveway about 100 feet from the house, it will have a wireless remote start.

The generator we had was a 7 kw Kubota diesel generator which had been housed in the same place for probably thirty years and would have likely outlived us all. It wasn’t at fault for the fire but the new generator is destined to be as safe as possible. We aren’t taking any risks.

My sister-in-law lent E a bunch of tools to get him started and we are hoping that the new shed will be finished and all generator issues well sorted before the end of January. Then we can get back to all of our normal winter wood-splitting chores.

We had a wonderful Christmas with family. I am not sure which part of the weekend my daughter-in-law preferred. Was it getting up at 4 am to catch the 5:15 ferry on Christmas Eve or slipping down the icy path to our door with the baby in a snuggly on her chest? Two days of frozen pipes and bottled water or maybe the mouse running across her feet as she sat on the toilet. Maybe it was the baby projectile vomiting all over her. We had five adults and two children with one bathroom so it could have been when I took her daughter out in the dark woods to teach her how to pee outdoors. Oh I know, it was when we were taking them back to their car in the torrential rain storm over rough waters, and my sons needed to bail out the boat when it started to take on water. I’m guessing she was searching Mexican all-inclusives for next Christmas as she was pulling away from the marina to catch

her ferry home.

2 thoughts on “her ferry home

  1. Well, she was a “Diamond in the rough” and I bet she took it all in stride as I think her mother would have done. Both of whom I think of fondly.


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