Shade for us

If you look closely, this tree has no business being alive, let alone living above our house. Growing through a rock, it has long made me nervous. It was chosen as the next tree to be murdered and today was the day.

E sharpened his chainsaw blade while I moved the chairs and swing-set out of the way. With the dogs tucked safely in the truck, work began at 9 am.

The tree was about 76 feet tall and leaning awkwardly. I asked what the worst case scenario could be and was assured he would be safe and no solar panels or buildings would be in danger and that was good enough for me.

Unfortunately the falling tree did take the top off of my flowering cherry but I am hoping it can be saved. Other than that, it came down nicely and without issue. It couldn’t have landed any closer to the burn pile than it did, so clean up for me was a lot easier than it sometimes has been.

Garry Oak trees are considered rare but we are fortunate to have quite a few on this property and I do love them. With this fir gone, the path is clear for the Garry Oak beside it to now thrive and grow to its huge potential. It will provide the squirrels and blue jays with acorns and years of welcome

shade for us

8 thoughts on “Shade for us

  1. Never thought I would enjoy reading a post about some couple and their trees until I moved to property. And now I’m interested in how to cut down trees ,how to keep them alive… heck even interested in your burn pile . Funny how life goes 🙂 today we cut a little Christmas tree from our own property for our now finished basement . It smells so good! You two are very talented in keeping your property healthy and thriving .


  2. Thank you again, I always love reading your posts about life over there. Always so busy!!!! I’m sorry the tree that worked so hard to live & thrive had to go. But it’s your yard and by gum you get to choose, is what my Nanny would say🥰
    Love you & keep sending your cheery posts


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