preferred dappled sun

November 18, and we are still eating sandwiches for lunch every day, made with fresh tomatoes from our garden. The last of the green tomatoes were harvested from the greenhouse on November 6th and now I ripen what is needed by putting them in a basket with an apple. I cannot tell you how pleased I am with the addition of the greenhouse to our life here. Fresh tomatoes and it’s the end of November!

We have had amazing weather for the last couple of weeks. Little wind and sunny skies with a reasonable chill in the air. Parades of sea lions are going past the house every day and, when paired with calm waters, they are easy to see and provided great entertainment for our granddaughter when she, her Dad and wee brother visited for five days last week.

Sunny skies and mild weather were the perfect conditions for working outside, so, while our son was visiting, like his brother in September, he helped E murder trees. The grand kiddies and I manned the burn pile to clean up the debris. While I added branches to the fire, my granddaughter was in charge of the S’more supplies.

Now they are gone but E and I must continue the firewood project. We have been splitting and stacking the wood all week. We have a long way to go to get the sheds full for the coming years but we have made some progress thanks to the welcome help of our kids.

There continues to be work in the garden to complete before the winter rains eventually arrive. E took down the plum tree, which has only provided ten plums in the last two years. I warned the tree two years ago that it needed to earn its spot in the prime fenced real estate and, still, it did not produce. So it is gone and I have begun to move new residents into what I will now call the plum garden. A rhodo from Lynne and the Camelia E gave me for my birthday which has never been happy since I moved it from the deck. Hopefully it will like this new home..

It already has its

preferred dappled sun….

2 thoughts on “preferred dappled sun

  1. We are still eating tomatoes although ours is from the pile of green ones that had ripened inside . Is your greenhouse heated? Everything in my greenhouse died about 3 weeks ago. We should be removing some dead trees around here too . I’ve ever cut down a tree before so I’m scared it would fall on me or the fence or the house :):)
    How fun to have seals roaming the waters by your home!


    • Same for us. Our greenhouse isn’t heated so i brought all the tomatoes down to the house to ripen. The only thing left in the greenhouse is my lettuce.
      E has been cutting down trees for a very long time. He started out with very small ones and has worked his way up. It isn’t an easy job.. lots of skilled guys out there to do it for you while you watch..

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