want to watch

As the cooler weather arrives we grow less and less inclined to take on any major new projects. Ongoing maintenance and repairs will likely make up the majority of our time for the next couple of years. Certainly, there is nothing this winter on our chore list other than increasing the supply in our wood sheds.

That said, every day, until the rains arrive, we have tried to accomplish something, no matter how small. There is always something for me to do in the garden whether it is, like today, spreading poppy seeds and picking a fresh bouquet, or yesterday, winterizing begonias.

For E, he built a box for the garbage bin ’cause the raccoons have been a menace lately. What a raccoon can do to a garbage bin is nothing compared to what two cocker spaniels can do with the garbage that the raccoons have spilled.

The afternoon today was gorgeous blue skies and relatively calm seas. The rains we were promised were nowhere to be seen until dinner time. Then they arrived.

I rehung the hummingbird feeders for the winter at our door. I didn’t feed them all summer when there was so much food for them in the garden. The feeder wasn’t up a day before two hummers returned. Looks like they are going to be with us for the winter again.

During the hot summer months we normally leave water out for the wildlife, with one of our trail cameras trained on the bowl. During the day/evening we have rabbits, raccoons, crows, deer and cats regularly drinking from the bowl on camera. Every morning E would go up and the bowl would be empty so we added a big bin full of water next to it for them. I put a few rocks into it so thirsty mice wouldn’t drown if they tried for a sip.

I have decided that it isn’t enough to check the trail cams after the fact to see the animals so we are installing a live camera this week. When there is an animal detected we will get a notice on our phones and be able to watch them live. I am really looking forward to watching what is going on around the property, live. Years ago, there was evidence in the driveway dust of two deer having a fight. It’s not that I want the wildlife fighting but if there is going to be fisticuffs between deer, I

want to watch.

6 thoughts on “want to watch

  1. It is so fascinating to me that ya’ll have hummers so far North all winter! I think I’m going to hang the feeders out again to see if we have any that will winter here in SE Tennessee. Something positive and fun to watch if we do. We have a lot of coyotes around my home even though we live in a small city so I try not to do anything that might attract them to my Yorkies but the hummer feeders should be ok.


    • We used to have three year round and I think one of them died in the unusually cold December we had last year.. I have to change the feeder almost hourly when it freezes so they can get food. It is fun to have a couple stay around although I do worry about them. Anything to keep us entertained 🙂

      My Mom always had yorkies… so cute….
      Let me know how it goes..


      • It doesn’t get nearly as cold here but l will remember to check them frequently when we have really cold spells. Maybe the propane patio heater would help. That would not have been a problem in years before but the availability and cost might make it more difficult this year. Or maybe I’ll just hang them up next to the house. The back of the house faces south so the house will shield them from the coldest weather. Our world here is so bizarre now that little things like this make me happy.


      • But that is why it is important to take the time for the little things. We have to get our entertainment and joy when we can get it.. Even its just watching the birds….
        Do you have supply issues with propane?


      • Propane? Yes, we do. I bought a propane generator because I wouldn’t have any idea how to take care of a gasoline one. Now not only is the fuel hard to find it is really expensive when we do. There are so many people here who heat with propane so I wonder what they will do.


      • Interesting.. we have no issues sourcing propane but it has gone up in price. Our generator is diesel. But we use propane for other purposes. I would love to get rid of it completely….
        I truly hate anything to do with propane..
        Haha we are all so different!


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