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The rains arrived this morning. We left the rain water catchment system closed for the first hour or so to give the roof a chance to rid itself of a summers worth of dust, but the tanks are open now. It was a light rain to start but it is supposed to get crazy heavy by the weekend. We are ever hopeful.

We finished up the last few tasks preparing for the winter yesterday. Put a tarp on the trampoline, packed up the patio furniture cushions and put the canopy back on the pick up truck. I would like to think we are ready for whatever winter has in store for us.

While E made brioche hamburger buns for our burgers tonight, I went up to the greenhouse to prep the dahlias and gladiolus for winter. I have never grown gladiolus until this year, and last year was my first with dahlias, so this is all new to me. I made a wee video for you to follow along with me on the learning curve. Honestly, it will likely not be of interest to very many of you but, if you have absolutely nothing else to do, sit back and spend about four minutes with me in the greenhouse.

Fair warning, I am planning on making more videos this winter as we work on various projects, like tree murdering and such. Hope they will be of

interest to you..

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