on the job

What would happen, we asked ourselves last night, if we just for one entire day stayed in our jammies and read? Maybe do a crossword puzzle while staring out the window at the view. Maybe have a nap or two. We are retired, why couldn’t we? The decision was thus made that we would do absolutely nothing today.

We slept in. I got up at 6:30 but E didn’t get up until almost noon, well it was 8 am but still almost noon! I noticed on a few local Facebook groups, while drinking my coffee that there were both Orca and Humpback whale sightings in the local waters so I opened the windows to listen for the unmistakable woosh sound.

With the continuing mild weather we still haven’t needed to light a fire in the morning and with no rain in sight we likely won’t need one for a while. It could be a month later than last years Sept. 11th start of colder weather before we need more than an extra sweater in the morning. But I confess that I needed a blanket as well as an extra sweater today after I opened all of the windows for a potential a whale visit.

But the morning wore on and there was no sign of anything interesting swimming by. E wandered off to the bedroom to think for a while after lunch while I finished my book. Still sitting by my open window, book in hand I nodded off. I can’t/don’t as a rule ever sleep during the day but the sun was shining and well, stranger things have happened. I honestly had only closed my eyes for a second when there was the loudest heaving thunk/splash/whoosh twenty feet from my head. It sounded like the deck outside my window had fallen into the ocean. An enormous humpback had snuck up and breached. It scared the S#@t out of me.

In my defense we have done more socializing in the last week than we have in years, the garden is well under control, E has finished two major fall projects he had on his list and it is a beautiful sunny day to watch the nature channel for something to blog about. But I admit, if all that I am meant to accomplish this winter is to capture amazing up close wildlife pictures for you, like a whale breaching next to the deck, well then, today, I literally fell asleep

on the job

7 thoughts on “on the job

  1. I sit and do nothing all day a little lately. Hurting my vacation as bad as I did really is taking a toll. I laid on the sofa almost all day yesterday after I got home from a quick trio to Costco. I call it quick if it’s under $100 lol. I even watched Christmas movie lol. I would much rather watch your nature’s channel though.
    Have fabulous day.


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