works for us

The harvest from our wee fig tree this summer was up from last year’s 18 to 32. Figs aren’t something we normally would use or buy so I had no favorite recipes where I could use them. I did find one for a fig jam using ingredients readily at hand. Figs, check. Merlot, check. Rosemary, check. Simple recipe and everything I needed is home grown or made. By noon we were done our day’s project with thirteen 1/2 pint jars of fig jam as our reward. Thank you to our Okanagan family for giving us the tree.

The final count for our plum tree is in. Three. The raccoon got one and E and I will each get one.

To emphasize what a wet and late spring we had. I would just like to mention that it is unheard of on this island to have green grass in September.

Crazy winds today. Very glad we have no need to be on the water. I have tried before to take pictures to show stormy seas but they never adequately show the enormity of the waves. You are going to have to trust me on this one.

I need to talk water for a minute. I won’t blame you if you leave to maybe come back another day.

We started the summer (July 8) with 7000 gallons. Over the summer we have changed the 250 gallon hot tub water three times, had weeks upon weeks of family visiting (showering), power washed the deck to stain it and watered the garden liberally. We have made it through the summer without any restrictions and used our water like we were in the city. Summer is over, the plants have all thrived and we still have 1000 gallons in the bank. Rains will start up fairly soon and those tanks will refill in no time. Having water, makes life so much more pleasant, all around.

What a difference from last year. We started last July with 3500 gallons. We scrimped and saved every ounce. No laundry, minimal showers and limited dish washing. We lost a ton of plants and were down to about 500 gallons before the rains started. It was brutal.

We have an idea of what we would like to accomplish this winter and I can tell you honestly it is going to be different. I have cut back on all of my usual obligations with only one or two items remaining on my to do list. E’s usual chore list is drastically reduced with no big projects on the horizon.

The island is emptying. Friends are returning to their city lives. Our children have returned to their responsibilities. Life for us has been quiet this summer but will only now get quieter. We have found an easy rhythm to our days which

works for us

2 thoughts on “works for us

  1. I just love reading your blog. I can picture everything in my minds eye! I bet using water whenever you wanted was a real treat this summer. Kind of sad that growing season is slowing down though. Are you growing anything for fall? Also fig jam is amazing!


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