red rubber ball

Last night the wasps were gone, the mosquitos were gone and the strong winds had stopped. So we sat out on the deck late into the night, looking at the stars and playing song tag.

Song tag, if you don’t know the game, just needs two phones with links to Sonos and unlimited song availability. The rules are simple. Turns alternate and when it’s your turn you have to have the next song, any song of your choice queued up to play before the current song is finished. I have to admit a certain lack of orginality in my song choices as I have nowhere near the music knowledge of my usual opponent. I often return to my Bob Seger favorite, Turn the Page. E’s choices are more eclectic but often return to a Mark Knopfler theme. Our choices often prompt discussions of great concerts and old friends.

We celebrated our fortieth wedding anniversary this summer and, as we have been together this long with limited funds for entertainment or travelling, we long ago learned to entertain ourselves for the price of a couple of bottles of cheap wine. One day I will tell you about Friday night scrabble, house rules.

Although we had a wet spring the province hasn’t been spared a forest fire season. It is just later than normal and right now the area around Hope is having a tough time. The smoke from several fires in the area is coming straight down the valley and across the waters to us and sits now over our heads. Weather advisories were issued today for poor air quality. The sun looks surreal.

Like most of you, we have lived our lives with music playing in the background and when we hear songs from the playlist of our lives we are immediately taken back to those times. Tonight, for me it wasn’t music but the image of the sun in front of us that took me back to a time singing a Paul Simon/Bruce Woodley song with good friends. This is for you Syd and Mary. “The morning (evening) sun was shining like a

red rubber ball”

11 thoughts on “red rubber ball

  1. The smoke is unbelievable isn’t it? I couldn’t even see across the Fraser River. The smell is horrible, and reminds me of the house fire. I woke up in a startle thinking something was on fire.

    Thank you for the story.



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