must bode well

Thank you for all your kind comments and for welcoming me back into your homes. We have a lot of catching up to do so I poured a nice, cold glass of pinot gris, removed any restrictive garments and put my feet up. Comfortable in what is considered my official writing position, we can get to it. If you make it to the end of what will be the first of a few posts catching you up with what has been going on around here, there will be a couple of nice videos from last night which I think you might like.

E and I continue to remain Covid free. We still don’t really socialize and other than family we haven’t really hosted any guests in the bunkie for years. I can only hope that we will still have one or two friends who remember us when this thing is all over. Fortunately, the family has visited often. In fact, with one son deployed fighting forest fires and his wife swamped with art contracts, we were recruited to take care of their new baby, along with his sister, for two separate weeks. I don’t need to tell you how fun it was for us to have the eight week old and four year old all to ourselves for that kind of time. Along with regular visits from our other children, I will be better able to get through the next few months without seeing them.

With summer slowly disappearing behind us, our thoughts go to preparing for the winter ahead. Today, after dropping our son off at the ferry, we did a fuel run, Canadian Tire run, Andrew Sherets stop, a visit to the Spa chemical store and a big grocery shop. We still do our grocery shopping on line and enjoy the convenience of having the food delivered to the car. Today’s goal was to complete the freezer, pantry and gen shed needs for the next few months. Flours, sugars, and soaps are stocked up along with all our chlorine, oils and distilled water needs.

As our son wrapped up his visit last night we looked at the beautiful sunset and calm water and I said, “You usually have good luck with whale visits, It’s too bad you didn’t see one this time. Tonight would be a perfect time for one to suddenly appear”. He went back out onto the deck and sat down. I am not exaggerating to say that it wasn’t five minutes before we heard it. Whale! Sure, enough there were two in front of us. One close in to the deck and one in the middle of the channel.

If my goal is to bring you more stories from the nature channel than endless water and tomato updates this winter, then last night’s visit

must bode well

4 thoughts on “must bode well

  1. Fantastic! We saw a seal yesterday when took the little ferry from English Bay to Granville island. Not quite as exciting though.
    Welcome back!


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