it is raining

The building at the top of the driveway which we call the studio is full of an eclectic assortment of objects. To describe it as a frightful mess is an understatement. University textbooks, tools, mirrors, pool noodles and old coats are stored, some in boxes and some not. All with no rhyme or reason. There are still boxes we brought from Ladner ten years ago, unsorted. Just last week, E found two boxes we stored for safe keeping before the reno, full of wine glasses and knicknacks. No, my missing trifle bowl wasn’t in it but my favorite cake server was. (It is shaped like a high heel shoe and trust me, it is cute, so score!)

E went to town on a propane run today, while I stayed home to continue my never ending attempts at dog grooming. Shanty is just about done, Piper still looks like a Clydesdale horse. Today’s efforts involved putting the shears down and snipping their hair by hand, with scissors. Shanty was far more inclined to cooperate without the sound of the shears freaking her out. Piper, well Piper has his own ideas about how he should look. I am committed to 15 minutes per day until they grow bored arguing with me.

Just after E left at 10:15, I walked into the living room to see a humpback whale in front of the window as he slipped below the surface, following what I can only assume was a huge jump. Waves were splashing every which way around his wake. I got my camera but only caught the tail end of him as he sped past. As I sit here there is word from neighbouring islands that there are four Orca heading our way, so I have my windows wide open to try to hear them, should they come close.

We have yet to sit out on the deck for an entire evening and it is mid June. The weather has just been horrid. Rain almost every day, but it hasn’t stopped E from fulfilling his commitment to our daily soaks in the hot tub. Whether it is raining or not, he is keen to have a soak before bed. I, however am more of a fair weather hot tubber. Recently, as we sat in the tub it started to pour with rain. I pointed it out to him because I am convinced he appreciates my ceaseless ability to state the obvious.

Yesterday, he went back up to the studio to dig around in the boxes he found last week to find what he considers to be the solution to my refusal to sit in the tub while

it is raining.

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