with our family

We were up early and, after a couple of hours drinking coffee, finishing Wordle and unsuccessfully attempting a new online puzzle called Redactle, I was ready to begin my day. The unmistakable loud whoosh of a humpback whale unexpectedly then announced himself below our deck. It had been a while and we were thrilled of course, to delay our chores to watch his slow progress across the channel.

The first annual plant sale with wine and cheese in the garden, party was finally held here on Sunday. The date was delayed twice because of the horrendous weather we have been having but, finally, ninety tomatoes, a whole bunch of pumpkins, peppers, and marigolds were ready to leave the safety of my greenhouse and go to their new families. There was wine and cheese served and the baby hydrangea, which I had started from a plant Eileen gave me, served as a door prize. Twenty friends in my garden, which is approximately eighteen more friends than I have been with at once in almost two years.

Now that most of the tomatoes are gone to their new homes, I have spent the week planting mine along with a few other vegies in the garden. I had emptied the compost bin last week to reward the garden beds with 4 inches of the most beautiful compost a girl could make for her plants. Honestly. It made for gorgeous soil. I have high hopes for the harvest this year.

It was really nice to finally see a few friends and share a glass of wine with them in the garden. I so appreciate their support with my plant growing experiments and have already spent my earnings on a heating mat for next year’s seeds, to hopefully avoid the cold soil issues I was challenged with this year.

So it has been a wonderful month of grandchildren, friends and a garden party. We are preparing now, hopefully, for warm summer weather to share a few sunsets

with our family.

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