really darned cute

Normally, I am a big fan of birds, big and small. I feed them, provide baths for their enjoyment and make sure there are lots of plants and flowers for their food and entertainment in the garden. Endless hours are spent watching these welcome visitors, and I have cared for countless injured hummers, gold finch and even a hawk, but I find it very difficult to see any redeeming qualities in the turkey vultures who live on our lane. They are just the ugliest creatures about and have no business hunting the ducks in front of our house. The ducks are very much alive, get lost….

Did I mention that we opened up the rain catchment system again? First, I washed the patio table every day until there were no more signs of pollen. E then power washed the gutters and, on April 26th, we opened the system which had been closed since March 3rd. The only positive from the crappy weather lately is that we can try to get the water tanks full to the brim again. I will let you know what the levels are when we begin the summer. If the summer ever begins.

The greenhouse is officially full. I spend the majority of my time now rearranging plants to try to fit them in more efficiently. I decided to pot up the eight unmarked tomatoes and will keep them for myself. I had eight other tomatoes I wasn’t going to pot up ’cause they were so tiny but I will keep them too and just baby them in the greenhouse longer than the rest.

There is a lot that we see living here that I, for one, had certainly never seen before. I don’t know about you, but when a beaver swam in the ocean in front of our friend’s place, it was definitely a first. It happened a few years ago but a lot of you probably haven’t seen the video. I added music ’cause the whole minute just makes me so happy when I watch it.

Most of what we see here is nicer to look at than the turkey vulture and sometimes it’s

really darned cute

2 thoughts on “really darned cute

  1. Hooray that you’re getting more water!
    And a beaver in the islands? One might think it’s unheard-of. But we came down to the “boat beach” one day (before we installed the dock), and were astonished to see a 5″ diameter willow tree chewed down. We were equally astonished the next day when the tree was GONE.


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