Looked there yet

This is a little embarrassing, I lost the honey crisp apples seedlings. I don’t mean they died, I mean I actually lost them.

To alleviate the boredom of more tomato talk tonight I will finish with a favourite video I took here on the nature channel of a beaver swimming in the ocean with a pack of otters investigating him as he lay on the rocks after the swim. It should be mentioned beavers aren’t supposed to like salt water. It was taken a few years ago but a lot of you are new and maybe haven’t seen it.

Today, I potted up what should be the last of the tomatoes needed for the plant sale at the end of the month. The good news for my friends reading who have ordered tomatoes, is that I will be able to fulfill everyones first choices with a few extra for anyone who needs more. Who doesn’t always need more tomatoes than they thought? 132 tomatoes are ready to go with only 20 unspoken for.

Other than watering, I haven’t really done anything with the peppers or cucumbers lately. With the tomatoes sorted out I took a minute to look at the peppers. It should be mentioned at this point that I spent a lot of money, spared no expense if you will, to order 500 popsicles sticks from Amazon so that I could diligently label all of the baby plants.

Upon investigation there seemed to be way more peppers than I thought I had planted. Twelve little plants marked as green peppers were quite definitely tomatoes. Sigh, I set them aside and won’t pot them up unless someone wants discount mystery tomatoes. I suspect they are Grenadero but can’t sell them as such. I bravely then went to check on my baby honey crisp apples.

I would like to stress at this point that the apple seeds were gently planted and specifically kept separate from the tomato seedlings in little plastic pots.

Yet, today, they too have become tomatoes.

I have absolutely no idea where the honey crisp apple seedlings have gone. Maybe they are in with the cucumbers, I haven’t

looked there yet

6 thoughts on “Looked there yet

    • Before planting them, they need to go in the fridge for a few weeks to trick them into dormancy.. Then when you take them out they think it is spring and grow…. Before you put them in the fridge wrap them on a damp paper towel and dust them with cinnamon (apparently it helps to prevent fungus) … put in a plastic bag in the fridge.. for a few weeks…. Good luck!!!!!

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  1. I laughed at this whole ordeal with tomatoes everywhere! I’m really curious where the apple seedling ended up? Such a mystery! The video at the end is amazing…I had no idea an eagle can swim like that!


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