plate of pasta

It’s a good day when we get our intended jobs done. To increase the possibility that we will accomplish what we hope to, we begin with low expectations. After all, we must work very hard at conserving our energy for the thirty years we have left here.

My plan, as is usual these days, was to pot up more tomatoes. I now have 114 one-gallon pots complete. Those tomatoes require no more work on my part, but for a bit of watering, until the end of May. They will get big and strong in these pots with lots of room for some solid root growth before they go into the ground. I have about twenty still to pot up but I doubt they will get as far as the one-gallon pot stage in time. That is ok, my friends can still plant the the smaller ones. They will produce the same. The pumpkins are in one-gallon pots too but the peppers and cucumbers are proving slower.

I moved the baby roses, Dahlias and Daphne O’doro out to the garden because I am running out of space in the greenhouse. Beet and cabbage starts were planted in the soil of the right-hand garden bed. The rest of this bed will be filled with an assortment of vegetables and the tomatoes, which were in this bed last year, will move to the other main bed. All going well the pumpkins will go in the cloth bags which housed potatoes last year. I am not growing potatoes this year. No room!

E is busy on his new pet project. In an effort to let the sun assume more of the responsibility for heating the water for the hot tub, he has designed a black box full of black tubing hooked up to a pond sized pump to the tub. Two of the boxes now sit in front of the deck facing the hot south sun. They will be attached permanently to the deck once the fine details are sorted. It is an experiment designed and built by my MacGyver with left over bits from the reno.

We finished the day by doing our taxes. We tried to wait until the last possible moment and then found out they aren’t due ’til the 2nd.

We continue to be surrounded by no whales.

It was a perfectly manageable list of things to do today which were accomplished happily, leaving plenty of time to watch the Blue Jays with a bottle of home made red and a big

plate of pasta.

2 thoughts on “plate of pasta

  1. …it’s like I am in a different world when I read your blog…in a good way! Your greenhouse is gorgeous!

    Lol…stopped at a grocer today and bought two carrots and an onion to put in my simmering stock…that is as much as I know about vegetables!

    BTW…why do pumpkins go in cloth bags?


    • You probably eat more vegies than we do.. I just grow them!!! No particular reason to put the pumpkins in cloth bags other than a lack of space in the ground.. Someone keeps planting rose bushes in the vegie garden and its getting smaller and smaller…..


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