just a bit

This post is a little racy so, if you are easily shocked, perhaps take the night off and come back tomorrow for more discussion about water tanks, whales and such.

If you are like me you had a wonderful day in the greenhouse potting up tomatoes, until you were disturbed by the excessive love making of the otter who seem to have taken over the cliff next to the garden. You probably thought it improper to video their activities but I didn’t. In my never ending desire to entertain my readers with the realities of our life on the nature channel, I present to you..

Love otter style. Sound up!

It would not be an exaggeration to state that there are a gazillion tomatoes right now in my greenhouse. It isn’t just tomatoes, there are peppers and cabbage and marigolds. Millions of them!! With the weather cooperating now, I am fairly optimistic they will all survive, as long as they can get properly potted up this month. In truth, although a little overwhelming at times, I quite enjoy it. It is cathartic.

We spent our first night in this house on the nature channel exactly ten years ago. As you can see, things have changed,

just a bit.

11 thoughts on “just a bit

  1. thanks for the entertainment:):) And I love seeing the changes on your property..I suppose one day that will be us if we manage to stay at our place. little by little we do things too.


  2. I have to admit, when I read racy, it caught my attention! Lol!
    What a transformation! It’s amazing what you have accomplished in those ten years!
    Wendy. 😊


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