lot of projects

I was up early this morning, as usual, and was greeted with thunder, lightning and hail. HAIL! It is April 12. APRIL 12! I don’t mean to reduce this blog to a discussion of the weather but geez I am fed up.

All of the baby veggie plants have been moved down to the house and are huddled around the fire. I am having a plant sale/garden party in May, and have received great support from my friends. More than half of the plants have already been spoken for. A few types are even sold out. Hopefully the tomato gods will look kindly on my little babies and provide me with the beauty plants we had last year. I gave away 55 last year.

This year I am charging, basically to cover the costs of the soil, but am providing wine and cheese in return. I have sent the flyer out to my gardening friends on the island who have wanted tomatoes before. If I missed you let me know.

E has benefitted from the adage, ‘happy wife happy life’, when I have had ideas of how to improve our life, so he is usually pretty good about supporting my project ideas. However, nothing happens faster on this property than a project which is his idea. Not only was the hot tub project his but it is one he has been lobbying for since we got here. His back causes him endless problems and on more days than not he walks about the house in the same position as his Grandma P.

We picked up the hot tub on Saturday. E power washed the deck when we got home. During a brief warm spell on Sunday he stained a small portion of the deck and it had cured by this morning when, during the hail storm, E put the tub on it. It has been filled with 250 gallons of hot water from our Bosch on-demand hot water heater and is now sitting on the deck waiting for the hockey game to finish (and the rain) to have our first bottle of wine under the stars.

I have been hesitant to have a wood fire heated hot tub anywhere near our house, and resisted the whole concept, until our friends highly recommended a Softtub. These tubs run on 110 volts and will use maybe 2.5 kwh per day with all seven jets running for 20 minutes a day. With our 16 solar panels and 5000 watts of power we should be in good shape. During winter we might need to top up power with a wee generator but we are prepared to accept the cost.

I became more supportive of the hot tub idea once I realized E would feel better with a soak after working on my projects. This water in this tub is always hot so he can pop in and out all day to rest his back between my projects and I have a

lot of projects

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