a world away

I am aware how fortunate we are to be living on this island, and to be as content as we are during these days when the absolute horrors of our world seem never ending. But you come to my blog for a break from the news and to read something which might bring you a sense of calm and maybe a smile. As you read about our days here, please do so with the understanding that our hearts and minds are never far from the Ukrainians.

With that in mind here is a random video of bunnies making whoopee….

E had a very successful day working with seven other islanders on the current community project to upgrade the solar panels at the fire hall. A trench was dug and the wiring was laid and buried. The frame was completed and with any luck the eight panels should be installed tomorrow. What’s the saying? Many hands make light work.

I have mentioned before that, during the pandemic, Save On Foods has packed our groceries into cardboard boxes when they deliver them to our car. This winter, those cardboard boxes were flattened and spread, along with tarps, on the vegetable garden to eliminate the need for spring weeding. The garden has looked a fright all winter with cardboard spread everywhere.

Adding to the mess of the winter garden was an assortment of milk jugs randomly scattered about. All winter, whenever we finished a jug of milk, I filled it with water from the rain catchment tank next to the bunkie, and set it down on the cardboard sheets to hold them in place. Today, I moved all those jugs into the greenhouse. I am not sure how much good they will do to keep the greenhouse humid and warm but if nothing else it can be an emergency water source next August.

I then started to peel the cardboard back to reveal a weed free vegetable garden. A lot of the cardboard had already begun to degrade and under it there were tons of worms. I put the soggy cardboard bits into the compost bin.

There are tons of spring bulbs, tulips, hyacinth and daffodils in that garden, so I need to get it tidied before they start to bloom. Give me a few days and it will be really pretty in there.

The weather today, for the first time, really seemed spring-like. We had our first lunch of the year out on the “winter deck”, which is the little one outside the guest room. After lunch, I refilled my cup with hot water and opened my book for, honestly, the most wonderful afternoon a girl could ever ask for. The ocean to myself and all my worries, literally

a world away

2 thoughts on “a world away

  1. I was discussing her trip over with J this past week 🥰. She told me how she does the plane and then the boat! Such a brave and smart little sweetheart ❤️❤️
    Enjoy your time together 🥰


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