welcome to stay

One of the biggest challenges when renovating our house, for our friend who did all the work, was figuring out how to add the new roof to the old roof. In the end he decided to add the old roof to the new roof. Confusing I know, but changing the thought process enabled him to meld the two together. We were left with a rather convoluted rafter assembly above our door.

Last spring we found piles of moss every morning on the deck at our door. A bird had found the little niche in the rafter and thought it would make a fine new home. Unfortunately, the slant was too great and all her hard work kept sliding to the ground. E added a small piece of wood to the corner to keep her nest from sliding out but by the time he fixed it for her she had moved on. Until this winter.

We noticed bird poopage on the deck at our door in December but never saw any sign of any actual birds. Last week, when we came home from bridge at 10pm, we saw them. Two wee birds looking down at us, snug and cozy out of the cold. I have been trying ever since to get a picture of the two of them but could only ever catch one.

I tried again this morning and was rewarded with this picture. Three!

Lately the dogs have been at the door barking at what we thought was nothing. It appears now, that they could hear the newly hatched baby birds. I am not really sure what kind of birds they are, but I think they are Towhees because there has been an adult male hanging around our deck lately. Whatever they are, they are most

welcome to stay

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