our pipes freezing

Last year, in season one of the Covid show, there was an idea to have a sail past to provide some way for the islanders to celebrate Christmas together, but apart. Our individual boats would be decorated for a circumnavigation of the island with follow up drinks and appies consumed, socially distanced, outside. But the numbers of interested participants grew and grew and, as you remember in season one, there was no vaccine and it became quickly obvious that safety would not be able to be ensured. The event was cancelled. Two of our most esteemed Captains still circled the island with their festive lights to spread a little cheer for the good of us all. Even the whales felt sorry for the housebound and made an appearance.

This year, in season two of Covid, where the intelligent are vaccinated, and many have had booster shots, we decided to give a sail past another try. Eight boats decorated with lights, a Christmas tree or two and a Santa, went half way around the island and back. The weather was perfect. We had a thermos of hot chocolate, laced with rum, and snacks in our boat. We were bundled up warm and it was lovely, just lovely. We didn’t dawdle on the dock, once we were back, still too soon for crowds, but next year we have high hopes and plans to up our decoration game. More lights, speakers for carols etc… I fully expect, once this Covid show is eventually cancelled, the annual sail past with rum will be an ongoing tradition born from a frustrated group who just wanted to celebrate the season together, somehow.

I came across this wee deer in the woods the other day. The whales didn’t show up for this year’s Christmas parade, so a video of Bambi will have to do.

For those of you curious about our current weather. It was three degrees all day today. We had a little bit of snow but ended up with enough bright sunshine to charge the solar panels. For those of you tracking where the sun sets, it is almost the 21st of December and the sun set right over Boat Harbour tonight. For those of you wondering about what weather to expect for Christmas, snow is on the horizon with temperatures as low as -7. Let us hope none of us have issues with

our pipes freezing!

8 thoughts on “our pipes freezing

  1. Hope Bambi found his/her mom.
    Sounds like you’ve started a wonderful tradition!
    Merry Christmas and a very happy new year, my friend. 🌲🥳💕


  2. All sounds lovely🎄The deer is adorable! Must try rum with hot chocolate, but now I’m wondering what hot eggnog would be like!! Merry Christmas🎄


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