in the oven

The house propane ran out yesterday. We had a spare tank on the bunkie, which we put on the house in the emergency. Our need to travel by boat to town in wild weather is one thing, when we need to go back and forth during the winter, it is quite another to do it in a boat laden with propane tanks. With all of the heavy wind and rains we have been having lately, we decided to wait for a break in the weather and some calm water before E would go over to town to fill four 40 pound propane tanks. 160 pounds would do us for six months. If need be, the tank we put on could handle our needs until we have to pick up the kids for Christmas next week.

I was up in the garden and the greenhouse today and it made me so eager for spring again. It is crazy what is going on up there. There are gladiola in bloom, the Kaffir lilies are up and there are roses covered in healthy green foliage. A lot of the cuttings I started are thriving in the dirt where I stuck them in September. The garlic is peeking out and the anticipation of next spring’s flower show is inescapable.

With the same excitement, with which a child awaits next week’s visit from Santa, I look forward to the arrival of the 2022 seed catalogues in the mail. I am a simple woman with simple needs and choosing seeds for weird new plants to experiment with, is a highlight of my winter life.

What was most surprising was to find the peas in my greenhouse flowering. It is 8 degrees in there and I counted 14 flowers on the peas. Sure, not a feast, but if we are eating peas from the greenhouse in the dead of winter I will be more than thrilled.. Shouldn’t they need bees though?

As is usual, we were up well before six this morning and, as the day broke, it became apparent that the waters were calm and the window of opportunity was already here. E went to town and we are again set for propane. I can total our 2021 propane costs now. After spending $550.00 on propane this year we start 2022 with all of our tanks full. Great timing to sort out the propane this week as it would have been a giant pain to run out next week when the weather might be worse and the turkey is

in the oven

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