if not flexible

We have rearranged the furniture, again. With the hope of giving us more space for the family visit at Christmas, we moved the dining table into the guest room. We rarely sit at the table so unless I am sewing it is a needless waste of the space we have in the living room. So the granddaughter’s bedroom/guest room is now a dining room/sewing room.

After months of diligently soaking the fruitcake with alcohol, today was the day for the final preparations.

We ended up with ten, individual, one pound cakes. There would have been more but E and I had to consume quite a bit in the interests of quality assurance. The alcohol certainly kept them moist. Note to self, we are going to need more rum.

The upside of getting up at five a.m. is that I was finished with the fruit cake and also had the bread made by 11:30. That included the time it took for me to stop and repair the dog’s bed, with a needle and thread, ‘cause their tug of war game got carried away. There was plenty of time left in the afternoon to stare aimlessly out the window.

When granddaughter returns we can change the furniture back. We are nothing

if not flexible

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