taste in music

With temperatures threatening to drop in the next few weeks, E went up to wrap the pipes under the bunkie with foam pipe wrap. The pipes from the bunkie to the well head haven’t been buried yet so they are susceptible and we will likely have problems but it was worth the effort to protect what we could. There is no actual soil between the bunkie and the well head and it is kinda hard to bury pipes in solid rock.

With E out of the house I was able to put my music on the stereo. Don’t get me wrong, we have a lot of shared likes in our music (Knopfler), but sometimes I like to listen to songs that very definitely would not be a choice for E. So with E otherwise occupied I cranked up my playlists on the Sonos.

I had sewing to do but, unlike yesterday, I was not going to miss anyone interesting swimming past the house. Fool me twice shame on me, kind of thing. So as I sat at my machine, singing like I was alone, I kept a careful eye on the water below me. With the high water levels common to December king tides, the debris normally found on the shoreline is floating everywhere on the surface, making a real mess of things. I thought I was looking at the usual debris when one of the logs looked up at me. It seems a sea lion had decided to have a rest at the tideline where he could hear the music I was playing. I was sure I could hear him singing along with Blake and Gwen.

I finished the first sewing project on my Christmas list and now have almost finished the second. The huge project I have left to complete sits on the table mocking me. Not really sure how far I will get with it before Christmas, but I will persevere.

My Stellar friend hung around for about an hour until his partner showed up and they promptly swam south together. Apparently his friend, like E, doesn’t share our

taste in music

2 thoughts on “taste in music

  1. I have been keeping your stories to read on a quiet day. I let mind go into your stories. These would be great e-readers so we could hear the excitement, or disappointment with you visitors from the water.


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