Tucson! Tucson, Arizona

The defining feature for the best picture of the year Oscar should be its ability to draw you back to watch it over and over again. Case in point, The Bridge on the River Kwai. It won best picture in 1957 but it has always been a favourite of mine and I could probably recite the script word for word, I have seen it that many times. Not many of today’s movies bring us back to watch again and again.

E and I do like movies and we binge a lot of tv series. Winter hours watching British crime dramas fill a lot of our evenings, especially during the last two years when there has been no socializing to speak of.

Our days however, fortunately, are filled with hours watching wildlife.

We had the great pleasure, this week, of watching Peter Jackson’s Get Back documentary about the Beatles. I have to say it is one of the best few hours we have spent in a good long time. At the risk of over simplifying a complicated dynamic, I don’t think it will spoil anything for you if I tell you a few of my reactions.

George was quite right to record all the songs he had in his head on his own. One of my favourite albums was All Things Must Pass, but I couldn’t help but want to warn him to quit smoking.

Ringo seems to be a gentle, easy going, great guy with great hair.

Paul is a genius. To be a fly on the wall and watch him create with the boys was mesmerizing. The very process to pull a song out of nowhere, incredible..

John was a lot of fun and came alive once they got to the studio. They all obviously loved each other. You can see it in Paul’s eyes when he looks at John. Even when they were arguing they always spoke with respect and had each other’s back.

Yoko was misunderstood and although she cannot sing, (good lord that woman can’t sing) and liked to stick really close to John at all times, she didn’t seem to interfere.

The whole series was amazing. I don’t think it qualifies for an Oscar nomination but it should. It is a show, I know, we will watch over and over again. There was so much going on, I imagine I missed a lot. If you are Beatles fans like we are, you will love the show and also find yourself trying to help them with the lyrics. It’s

Tucson! Tucson Arizona

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