While he relaxes

Didn’t have too go far for your moment of zen tonight. It was a beautiful sunset.

I realize it is too early for Christmas lights or thoughts of yuletide decorating. This light display will be considered Christmas lighting in December but right now they are simply a celebration of life and full water tanks. Don’t judge me!

When we were in town in October and the turkeys and hams were on sale, I bought what we would need for Christmas and the fridge is now full. Does it sound to you that I miss my kids and am looking forward to their visit in December? Shhhh, don’t tell them, I don’t want to sound needy..

Post heart transplant, E has to take a lot of brutal anti rejection drugs which make him susceptible to skin cancer. Once a year he has to do a chemical peel on his face and head. The downside is it makes him feel less than great and he looks kind of scary for a little while until he heals. The upside is he remains cancer free and his skin, when said and done, looks like he is forty.

It is November and easy for us to schedule ten days with no socializing or incidental sun. E can be miserable, if need be, in peace and quiet. So today is day one of the four day treatment. Heavy rains are expected so the only thing left to do is to figure out a show to binge on Netflix mindlessly

while he relaxes.

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